When answering this question, we should bear in mind what a solar flare means. We are simply trying to discover those functions or parts of the Cars that solar flares could affect, thereby destroying the capacity for the cars to function. This is what the destruction looks like in this write up.

Before delving into the questions of whether Solar flares would destroy cars or not, it’s important to understand what Solar flares are in the first place. Solar flares are the results of huge eruptions on the sun which release a lot of geomagnetic and electromagnetic waves, which potentially affect radio signals as well as power systems and electricity. In fact, Solar flares are said to have much greater impact on the environment and people with ten times greater force, meaning it’s very dangerous. The waves released into space by these flares occur as a result of the snapping of Magnetic fields on the sun. According to NASA, a Solar flare is an intense burst of radiation coming from the release of magnetic energy associated with Sun spots. Now that has been clarified, let us move on to find out it’s possible effects on Cars.

Solar flares, like I stated before , release electromagnetic waves as well as radiations into the environment. These waves affect electricity as well as radio signals. The idea here is in two folds:

1.Cars have electric circuits in batteries, which means those waves could take out the electricity or power in in the cars

2. Self driving cars also operate on GPS signals. Since these electromagnetic waves take out radio signals, it could make the capacity to self drive a danger

Let’s take a look at number 1, electric circuits in a car battery, aid the battery to function which in turn powers the car, if a solar flare should occur releasing the electromagnetic waves, these waves would wipe out the power in the circuits, rendering the battery useless and destroying the car’s capacity to function.

image: caranddriver

Number 2, autonomous cars ie self driving automobiles are a new development these days, but are also potentially at risk. Solar flares interfere with radio and satellite signals, so they can affect the GPS signals these autonomous cars thrive on and therefore get rid of their radio frequencies too and therefore, cause complications.

Electric Cars too, can also be destroyed as a result of their power source which is electricity and is susceptible to electromagnetic waves that affect power.
However, so far no car has been a victim of Solar flares recently but it pays to appreciate the likely effects Solar flares could have on cars.

Basically, Solar flares have not caused much damage to cars recently ( I keep saying that) but it’s not that it can’t but it hasn’t happened yet. The situation seems twice as problematic especially with the advent of electric cars as well as autonomous driven vehicles – two recent developments that auto companies are on the rush to push into the market eg the Tesla model. While such is yet to happen, we do know of the Carrington event that occurred back in 1859, meaning it can be happen again – I mean if it happened once, it’s likely to happen again, right?

image: austockphoto.com.au

Suppose such event happens – an event that saw a lot of electrical shocks and electromagnetic radiations – it could have much more devastating effect, given that unlike 1859, electricity basically runs the world and there are billions of cars on different roads in the world and there are substantial electric and autonomous cars out there, enough to wreck havoc in case such happens. I have tried highlighting what effects Solar flares can have on electric cars, autonomous cars and even conventional cars.

Basically, there might be a solution to this problem but it’s one that stands against progress in the eyes of our Auto- makers. We could rapidly limit and stop the production of autonomous cars as well as electric vehicles, seeing the risk that they pose in instances of such solar flares which either big or small in scope, could be equally harmful.

image: preppingplanet.com

Picture yourself in a car and then all of a sudden, it stops working because the power is just gone or the GPS is just crazy because radio and satellite communications are down. What happens? An accident, meaning people or someone will die and if the solar flare is large in scope, you can expect thousands of accidents.
All these reasons prove why solar flares can damage and destroy cars and ultimately harm the humans in them.
So pulling the plug a bit on producing these cars would help a lot in the long run.
Solar flares are a force of nature, meaning we can’t control their impact. However, we can control the extent to which it could destroy cars and harm car owners, drivers and passengers – basically human beings.


So, there you have it. Solar flares can destroy cars and therefore can harm the human drivers and inhabitants, if nothing is done about it.


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