What Is The Useful Life of Cars As Per Companies Act?

The Useful Life of Cars As Per Companies Act is always talked about because of the known facts that without rules and regulations, a society is lawless and this lawlessness becoming uncontrollable will cause way too much chaos and disaster. Owing to this reason and some other reasons which include car right protection, value claim protection and others, the driving and car world have generated acts that will prevent people from doing the wrong things with and to cars and rendering the use of cars worthless.

What Is The Useful Life of Cars As Per Companies Act?

Every car producing and marketing Country has documented acts that help them achieve this aim and anyone who goes contrary will definitely have a price to pay. Let’s take a look at how some Countries’ car companies act aids the usefulness of cars around the world.

China Car Act

China, as one of the most popular and highest cars producing countries in the world, has rules as well to ensure the proper usage of cars and to reduce road hazards. Their rules and regulations are enacted in The Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China. The law was passed on the 28th of October 2003 and took effect on the 1st of May 2004 to help curb the high traffic death rate they experienced.

Records had it that China’s traffic fatality rate was five times greater than in other countries. The law permitted license owners to use the highway only after a full year of owning the license. The law also put tougher penalties for drivers who drink while driving and drove a car without license. The law took back the license of any driver who exceeded speed limits by 50% and left the scene of a hit-and-run because drivers were made to take sole responsibility for it.

Also, the law did not only focus on drivers but also on military personnel that failed to do their jobs on the road, most of them were reluctant to catch defaulters and collected bribes, so their license plates and IDs were taken from them. All these laws were strictly followed and the fatality rate dropped drastically.

United States Car Act

The United States on the 24th of June 1966 enacted the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act. It was postulated to help the federal government set new standards for road traffic and motor vehicle safety. The act was introduced when the number of casualties on the roads multiplied in folds. It gave rise to the National Highway Safety Bureau which is now the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. After the introduction of this act the rate of car crashes dropped drastically and everyone dropped the phobia of dying in a crash.

After much investigation they came to a conclusion that these accidents happened due to some reasons. The first being alcohol. It was a common thing for a driver to drink and drive, the percentage of those who died due to this ranged about 35-38%. Another factor that contributed to these accidents in the United States was the issue of pedestrians.

Most drivers were always impatient and would not let anyone pass properly before continuing and blaming only the drivers would not be fair because some pedestrians do not look left and right before crossing. Both parties might be busy texting and would not see each other hence the collision. This made the introduction of the Zebra crossing possible and since then these incidents have reduced to the barest minimum. Another reason is negligence of the seat belts.

The seat belts make a lot of people uncomfortable and restrict free movements to the sides, however, one who must drive must protect oneself. The seat belt usage in the act was made compulsory. So no seat belt, penalty follows. Another reason was the increase in child car suffocation. The Act stipulates that a Child below the age of 5 should have a booster car seat and should be closely watched.

Germany Car Act

The Germans monitor and oversee the activities of the automobile world through ADAC, which means Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil- Club. It was established on the 24th of May in 1903 to manage resources and create laws to govern the proper usage of automobiles. The establishment has three tiers; The Association, A societas Europaea and A Foundation. The committee have their headquarters in Munich Bavaria and they meet annually every four years to make adjustments to societal and relevant issues and laws, and in the world of automobiles inclusive.

It was the ADAC that introduced the Vehicle registration checker. This ensured that everyone who gets a car gets it legally and for good societal reasons else the car is seized and the defaulter penalized. ADAC also provided roadside assistance in the form of a road patrol and they began this in 1928. They also provided Europe-wide breakdown assistance. They had other areas they looked into too, however they did not neglect the importance of roads, drivers and passengers. This improved the protection of the above mentioned.


Some other countries that also have Car Acts for both companies and drivers include; South Korea, New Zealand, Mexico, India, Japan, Canada, Australia, Russia and others. Their rules basically correlate with those of China, Germany and the United States. It is amazing the rate at which the fatality rate dropped in all of these countries when these laws were made and enforced.

No one deserves to die riding a beautiful car, therefore meticulousness has done humans a lot of good and we have orderly rules to thank for it.


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