5 Best Upcoming Innovations in Automobile Industry

One thing that is constant is change. There will always be more Upcoming Innovations in Automobile Industry, No matter what happens it will surely happen, humans are open to new innovations as seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years go by. Change and new innovations in the automobile industry are beautiful things to see because they’re always mind-blowing and they keep improving and getting sleeker than the previous times.

Different companies strive to be better with each year that passes and with each new automobile released and most times they collaborate to make a bomb.

5 Best Upcoming Innovations in Automobile Industry

Here are some of the new innovations we’re expecting from the automobile industry in the time to come;

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence most times is simply called AI and they are installed into robots and large machines so that they will be able to do work solely without any external help at all. Artificial intelligence can record processes it has performed once and by doing so can perform it over and over again. The computer vision they possess help them to find applications in automotive production which skyrockets the rate of manufacturing and helps reduce cost to the barest minimum.

Automobile engineers have said that should this innovation become reality, most of them would not have much to do anymore as the cars would be able to fix themselves as long as it has been programmed into it a first time. Some companies in different countries have developed working programming for the AI solution.

In India, there is a startup called RevitsOne. RevitisOne’s AI provides a powerful fleet-management software, insights for speed, running vitals, voice virtual assistance and car health information. Another one named Apex AI is a US startup AI that runs on an automotive electronic control unit.

It provides complex AI solutions and helps build 3D perception, transmit data from vehicle to cloud, and local control over the system in case of an emergency.

  1. Driver-less Cars

In no distant time driver-less cars will flood roads like a bad storm as automobile companies all over the world are rooting for this vehicle at a high rate. They all have agreed that the pros of having a driver-less car are way higher than the cons. Here are some of the reasons they gave;

image credit: thedriven.io


automobile engineers believe that a driver-less car will precisely go to only the places they are told to. It helps the owner manage resources. A human could decide to make a detour to some place but when a driver-less car has been sent out into the roads for one function or another there is no detour unless ordered to do so.

Aids a fatigued driver

Driver-less cars are being vouched for because they can completely save a fatigued person who has absolutely no strength to drive at a given time. It will even prevent the hazards that would have happened, like a driver sleeping off while on the steering or having blurry vision due to tired eyes which could possibly cause a serious accident.

image credit: ltrent.com.au


Owing to the fact that driver-less cars will be equipped with rules and regulations, the streets will not look like a war scene where every driver is in a rush to be somewhere at a given time with no single patience and respect to traffic lights. This will definitely not be the case with driver-less cars and of course the streets will be calm and soothing as opposed to having different drivers from different works of life deafen each other with bellows and curse words.

All these reasons have been seconded and supported by the general public as more reasons to produce driver-less cars keep driving companies into manufacturing them. Recently Tesla has released a model of a driver-less car.

3. Electric Cars

In order to curb air and environmental pollution which causes great harm to us all and to both our plants and animals, automobile industries are trying to come up with cars that entirely have no engines but batteries that will be charged with electricity.

Some automobile industries have gone as far as putting solar panels in cars so that as the car drives, it charges and gathers up energy such that if there is no available electricity at a given time, the solar power converted to energy will serve its purpose for the time being.

4. Materials

The type of top-notch materials that automobile industries have set out to use in the manufacturing of cars will leave your jaw dropping when you see them. Imagine steering real gold as you drive, stepping on it to apply brakes or accelerate.

Imagine sitting on succulent clean fur, silk, leather and you name it. Imagine tires that are impenetrable so that you do not have to worry about a spike. These innovations are really going to be immaculate.

5. Data Analysis

This innovation is going to be the greatest of all times with the kinds of changes it is going to bring to the automobile industries. With data analysis, your car can have access to your phones and systems, so just in case you forgot to lock your ride, you can do so from anywhere and you can also unlock it. It will also enable cars to have soundproof systems.

Most people get uncomfortable with all that cranky noise that comes with starting an engine, this will curb it to the barest minimum, you won’t even hear your car start. Also, the data analysis will enable car doors, and roofs open and close on their own, it will also enable tires rotate in all directions so that a hard reverse will be an ancient history far gone.

Wrap up

These and many more innovations are hitting us from the automobile industries and we are barely even half ready for them because these gigantic innovations would take your breath away.


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