Top 5 Traceability Softwares in Cars

Traceability softwares that can be seen in vehicles includes the BMW ConnectedDrive and Autotrac Car Management System among other variants. A car’s computer is the most powerful device in the vehicle and it is also one of the most vulnerable devices. As cars have evolved, so has their maintenance. From gas misfire detection to GPS tracking, cars no longer just require routine oil changes and tune-ups – they need to be monitored with software that can track changes in their functionality.

traceability softwares in cars

So what are traceability softwares? In a nutshell, these are computer system which have become more important in the life of a car. For example, cars with telematics and connected infotainment systems require drivers to pay attention to their vehicle’s status and make sure its computer is working properly. In addition, this is a tool used by car dealerships aid in servicing customers. Car dealerships use traceability software like Autotrac Car Management System to assist technicians in inspecting each component of a particular car.

  • BMW ConnectedDrive
  • Autotrac Car Management System
  • Drivewyze Automotive Network
  • PG Tracker – GPS Tracking System for Cars and Trucks
  • Track Your Truck – The Best Trucking Software to Track Your Fleet and Drivers on Google Maps.


  • BMW ConnectedDrive

In 2008, BMW began experimenting with vehicle-to-vehicle and car-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication. In the case of V2V technology, the goal is to gather information about a vehicle’s position, environment, and intentions. In the case of V2I, the goal is to gather information about other vehicles on the road.
The BMW ConnectedDrive system has two main components: a transceiver and a software module that connects to various data sources. The transceiver is responsible for gathering data from sensors and sending signals to actuators. The software module controls the vehicle’s interface, navigation system, and media player.

The software program allows drivers to access real-time information about traffic conditions in an area. Drivers can use this information to make decisions on their route and adjust their driving style accordingly.
The BMW ConnectedDrive system is built on a driver-centric platform that uses a common set of concepts across different interfaces. The basic concepts are:
Although the BMW ConnectedDrive system is currently focused on in-car technology, it will be expanded to use infotainment and mobile devices in the future. The company targets a final version of the system expected by 2015.

  • Autotrac Car Management System


Autotrac is one of the known traceability softwares which has been packaged to manage fleets of vehicles. Autotrac offers fleet management software solutions for commercial and recreational vehicles, and for passenger cars and light trucks.

The Autotrac Car Management System consists of a number of components. First, there is an Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) reader installed on the vehicle. The AVI reader uses a bar code scanner to read a vehicle’s license plate. These bar codes are then transmitted to the Autotrac system where they are decoded and logged for analysis. The system can store a large amount of data about each vehicle such as registration information, driver history, and maintenance details.
Autotrac also stores information about the current environment, such as weather conditions, traffic congestion, and traffic patterns. The data collected from the AVI scanner are used to determine travel conditions and then used to inform drivers of potential road hazards. The system can also identify vehicles that are traveling at higher speeds than the rest of the traffic in order to warn drivers of possible collisions.

The software component is accessed via a mobile phone app. The program can be used to send text and email messages, as well as to control the vehicle through a mobile device’s touchscreen. The software provides a variety of information about the vehicle including location, velocity, heading, speed, fuel consumption, tire pressure and maintenance history.

  • Drivewyze Automotive Network


Drivewyze is an automotive telematics software solution that includes an AVI reader for reading license plates from vehicles on the road. The AVI reader does not use a bar code scanner, but rather a laser that scans the license plate and reads its numbers and letters. The information is then sent to a database server where it is compared with the information contained in an internal database of stolen vehicles. If there are matches, the vehicle’s location is flagged as suspicious.

The Drivewyze solution can also be used to track cargo being moved by truck. Each truck is equipped with an AVI reader and a radio transceiver. The transceiver is used to send identification information about each vehicle to the Drivewyze network. This information is compared with descriptions of stolen vehicles or criminal suspects before being forwarded on to law enforcement agencies or the owner of the cargo.

  • PG Tracker – GPS Tracking System for Cars and Trucks

telematics softwares in auto vehicles

PG Tracker is a device-based solution for tracking, locating and monitoring trucks and other vehicles. The system consists of a fleet management software solution that integrates with existing vehicle tracking devices such as GPS or Bluetooth. This system allows companies to simplify fleet management in a number of ways including:

The PG Tracker system is not limited to just trucks. It can be used on a variety of vehicles including cars, vans, SUV, or even boats.
Vehicle owners can use this software to track their vehicles as well. The software offers a number of services to its customers including

  • Track Your Truck – The Best Trucking Software to Track Your Fleet and Drivers on Google Maps

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Track Your Truck is an online directory of truck drivers. The website provides information about the trucking companies and drivers in the United States. It also offers maps, photos, E-Z-check records, and cargo tracking.
The website carries details about many of the nation’s major trucking companies. These companies are sub-categorized by the services offered. Services include


Tracking Your Truck also has a page that allows users to search for drivers by state and city. The website can be used to find truckers in locations where they are low or to identify new markets for future expansion.


Traceability softwares greatly increases the level of safety for drivers, employers, and the general public. The results of this study suggest that such software can already be used to identify high-risk drivers who may be more likely to become involved in a crash.


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