history of car drifting

The History of car drifting and scratching of wheels cannot be overemphasized; the practice existed long ago and is called “skidding”.

Crazy? Yes. But drifting as we know it today has a long history. In 1934, the invention of the four-wheel-drive gave off-roaders access to an all-terrain vehicle with a motorized propeller that could be used to help pull vehicles out of ditches. Four years later, the first modern car competition was held in Pikes Peak Colorado for off-road vehicles through grades and curves. By 1945, the first public road race was held in the Los Angeles area to celebrate the end of World War II, but the race was stopped before it could reach its full length.

In 1949, the first SCORE off-road race was held in Oakland, California. The off-road racing circuit is still going today. The popularity of off-road racing and drifting spread through Europe and Asia in particular and started in the 1960s.

Without any doubt, the roads of Europe during the 1960s and 1970s were very exotic. Back then, there were not many cars on the streets or even highways. Most vehicles were off-roaders. That is why the history of car drifting can be traced down to Europe

In the US, this crazy off-road racing has a long history as well. Back then, there were no strict sport regulations and all off-road competitions were held on public roads. The first American off-road racing championship was held in the Mojave Desert in 1960. In 1966, the first SCORE International off-road race started from San Diego, California to Mexico.

The history of car drifting is still going on today. There are many competitions that people do not know about because they are not televised or supported by auto racing organizations like NASCAR and Indy Racing League or Formula 1.

For example, the extreme 4 Wheel Drive Association (X4WDA) is an off-road racing association that organizes competitions in many states of the U.S. and Canada. The X4WDA is a non-profit organization and its goal is to build a strong community that can provide an exciting drift experience for drivers and fans.

The International Federation of Automobile (FIA) also started holding drifting competitions worldwide. The FIA is an international association of racing car and circuit manufacturers, racing teams, and other motorsport stakeholders.

The FIA World Rallycross Championship is a rallycross series, which means teams are allowed to use almost any type of car that can fit within the FIA regulations. This variation of the international racing circuit race allows for different kinds of cars with different aerodynamic and mechanical properties to achieve similar speeds on the track as much as possible with a minimum amount of modifications per car.

The first rallycross races were done on an ice track as early as 1971. The first rallycross event on the tarmac was held in the U.S. in 1973, and the first European Rallycross Championship was organized in 1974 with ten events from Great Britain, Belgium, and Finland being included on the schedule.

Cars can compete individually or in groups, depending on the rules set by each national championship – for example, there are some cars that are allowed to race individually while others have to form a group of two or four. In the FIA World Rallycross Championship, four-car teams are the minimum for this category.

While some cars have been purpose-built for rallycross competition, most of them are actually modified versions of production cars. The cars are slightly wider and equip bigger brakes to be able to handle the higher speeds of the track compared to those on normal roads. They also need a full roll cage and other safety features, since high speeds can be dangerous even when they are attained safely.


Drifting has been a sport even over a long period, but it became official as a sport in the 80s. I personally enjoy drifting too. but care should be taken so that no one will get hurt. From this blog, I hope you have got some ideas about drifting.

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