You can not get a car rental in Dubai with an Indian License. This is because Indian licenses aren’t allowed in the UAE and so, by extension it isn’t allowed in Dubai.
Firstly, if one is an Indian probably living in Dubai or with a business, you can’t rely on the Indian Licenses.

The only way to do drive with an Indian License, is to acquire an international driving license issued by the Indian Government and can be applied for in India and is therefore allowed in the UAE. However, the International driving license typically lasts for a year and for a person with a permanent residence in Dubai, it just can’t apply for it. It’s only allowed for tourists in Dubai.


To get access to car rentals, one needs to apply for a locally issued driving license that is, a driving license from Dubai.
Now for tourists is tourists from India, to get a rental, certain things must be done:

1.Like I said earlier, to rent a car you need to have an international driving license
2. If you’re hiring, you need to be of a certain age, preferably 21.

Now for those with a residence visa that is a permanent one, you can’t rely on an Indian License or an international one. You need to apply for a Dubai issued Driving license.
Firstly, registering are at a driving school approved by the RTA. The RTA is the Road transport authority for Dubai.


Registering at a driving school, simply means that one wants to train for driving, basically proving that you can drive or learning to, If you don’t know how to. Getting all relevant documents too is important for registration.
Obtain a learner’s permit for the training. A learner’s permit is more like a temporary drivers’ license which allows one to drive but strictly for training.

Then there are different classes to attend. These classes are divided into two, the theory classes and the more practical ones. So, one goes through all of the theory classes to qualify for the practical training. It’s important to pass this aspect in order to qualify for the next stage.
The next stage is the more practical aspect. So you train on the roads, highways etc. You need to pass this aspect in order to qualify for the RTA test proper.
Here you get to go through another test which will qualify you, for the RTA test. The final RTA test will determine if you get a a Driver’s license.
However, failing the test means that you need to go through an additional seven classes in order to qualify for a license.


So, like we stated before, a valid license for people with permanent residence is one that is issued by Dubai itself. To get this, there are classes to go through and a license at the end of everything else. It’s important to get this license if you intend to drive or rent a car which is also driving.
For tourists, an international driving license is needed for the stay which normally lasts an entire year and not beyond.

We have already shown the different requirements needed for either getting a locally issued driving license. Also, the different requirements for hiring a car were also discussed.
It’s not Known why Indian licenses aren’t allowed in Dubai. The reason could be as a result of Country policies that don’t allow foreign Drivers’ License in their countries. However, it’s not applicable because the UAE allows about 20 other countries with their different Drivers’ licenses in Dubai.


So the reason isn’t clear. However, the UAE and India have enjoyed decades of good relations, so one would think that Indian licenses would be allowed in Dubai which may give eligibility for car rental in Dubai, given the relationship between the two countries. This is also true of India which also doesn’t allow foreign Drivers’ licenses on their roads which doesn’t exclude the UAE.

The two countries could as a friendly gesture, remove these restrictions between the both. For India, it means relaxing the rule a bit to include Driver’s License for countries especially UAE. In India, you only get to use an international driving license like the UAE for a year. The contrast is that the UAE allows foreign Drivers’ licenses even without international driving license. Example is the UK that is allowed to in Dubai.


I am not a political analyst but I know getting these processes out of the way would benefit drivers on both sides a lot. Take the RTA test for example, you waste a lot of time and possibly a lot of money going through the test, especially if one is already a good driver and doesn’t need another Drivers license if he or she already has one from India already. So, it’s draining to go through these processes again.


cars in Dubai can not be rented with an Indian driving license or documentation. this is especially because of the permits and license which needs to be acquired to make one eligible to drive, without getting those permits and license you can not be qualified to get a car on rental in Dubai whether or not you have an Indian license and documentation


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