What You Should Know About Automobile Engineering

How much do you really know about automobile engineering? What if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere? Would you know where to touch to make the magic happen? Unto bigger questions, would you one day love to build your own amazing model that’ll drive people crazy? And for the most important question, would you love to know how? If you just screamed or whispered yes to yourself then you’re reading the right piece.

What You Should Know About Automobile Engineering

First things first, you’d need to know what automobile engineering is all about. Due to the vast nature of car knowledge and other electronics alike, automobile engineering is only a branch of it that deals with the creation of designs and the application and manufacturing of these designs. Most times a little too much math comes into the equation.


The manufacturing here is not just for cars, but for anything that moves on the roads like motorcycles, bicycles, tricycles and trucks. It’ll please you to know that you can gain a vast knowledge of automobile engineering in schools and these are some of the subjects you’ll need to study; thermodynamics, electric mobility, engineering mechanics, manufacturing technology, mobility design and construction, mobility design and aesthetics, automotive electrical and electronics, automotive materials, computer-aided vehicle design, manufacturing technology, fuels, engines and many others.

An Automobile Engineer: Complexly put, an automobile engineer is one who wishes to learn automobile engineering. Otherwise, simply put, an automobile engineer is one who has learnt to design, maneuver, create and inspire systems and machines for automobiles. They study to learn how to do research, make changes and sketch magnificent blueprints for automobiles through mainly the application of insight, math and physics to ensure a proper sync.

Automobile engineering have different types that different automobile engineers like to dive into and specialize in, here are some of them;

NVH Engineering


This branch of automobile engineering focuses on noise, vibration and any form of harshness noticed in an automobile. They’re always available to take note of the very first and slightest discomfort. They classify these discomforts to make it easier for them to do their job. That is why they have for the noise aspect; component noise, wind noise, road noise, rattle noise, water noise, metal noise and squeak noise. They can notice vibrations in the form of a buzz, bang and shake. Harshness can be recorded in the form of scratches, collisions and rough routes. The work of the NVH engineer is to change bad NVH qualities to a better one.

Safety Engineering

safety engineering

This branch of automobile handles everything that’ll make sure that there are no casualties while using an automobile and to be realistic, reduce casualties to the barest minimum. Safety engineers assess various crash scenes and the level of impact such crash has on its victims. They provide and build substances that would prevent these crashes from

happening like, air bags, seat belts, impact absorber and resistance. They test these by doing airbag functionality testing, front and side impact testing, rollover resistance, glass strength, before they declare a car ready.

What You Should Know About Automobile Engineering

It is also their responsibility to give a few rules and regulations which drivers and passengers should abide by. They instruct everyone to put a seat belt on once in the vehicle, drivers are advised not to text or drink and drive,for motorcyclers and bicyclers, they are advised to wear a helmet and keep eyes solely on the road with no distractions.

Fuel Engineering

What You Should Know About Automobile Engineering

Fuel engineering deals with everything that helps a car tank run without disappointment. Fuel engineers keep record of the amount of fuel a tank can carry at a time and the distance that amounts of fuel can go without finishing.

Emission Engineering

This branch simply deals with air. Anything that has to do with the coming in, going out and storing of air is handled by emission engineers. They teach you how to keep your air outlets and inlets clean to prevent a dangerous mix of air. They also measure vehicle emissions like carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxides and many more. Emission engineers also let you know the type of air you should avoid inhaling to avoid sickening up. That is how we all basically know that carbon dioxide amongst others is dangerous for inhalation.

Emission Engineering


The cost, durability, performance and quality of an automobile are all embedded in these types of engineering listed above. In our world today as machines are taking over, automobile engineering is fast becoming one of the most sought after careers around. The benefits by far overshadow its disadvantages. Most companies are employing mighty and capable hands to build the finest of machines in the entire world and the pay is mouthwatering. The automobile industry has become versatile and highly industrious. No one has doubts about being an automobile engineer because it is a win win.

Imagine gaining all that experience, all that wealth and still being able to build your ow machine to your taste, just amazing


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