9 Mechanic Tools and Their Uses

What mechanic Tools and Their Uses are to the automobile world is what instruments are to the medical world. Without them we can not work. Imagine a doctor entering for an operation without surgical instruments. Mechanic tools help automobile engineers work effectively on cars for the use of humans. Daily new tools are invented to make work easier than it was a few years ago and it gets better all the time.

9 Mechanic Tools and Their Uses

Here are some of the tools that aid an automobile engineer to do his work and their functions;

  1. Jack

This tool is an extremely important one. It is used to change the tires of a vehicle and no one needs to be reminded of the importance of tires and what happens when even a single tire goes bad. This therefore gives a cue to the level of importance associated with the Jack.

The jack is an evolving tool in the automobile world, it keeps getting better every time. Prior to the invention of jacks, mechanics would put strength together in order to lift a car in order to fix the tires, most times when the work has to do with the engines beneath, they have to hold the car up and it is a hectic work.

Jacks have taken all that away with all the ease in the world. Most mechanics refer to it as “the small but mighty” tool. This is because it is not a gigantic tool compared to the work it does. The jack holds a car up for as long as needed while a car’s tires are replaced. It also helps a mechanic work beneath the car with so much ease. This tool is a life saver for those in the automobile industry.


  1. Pliers


This tool is designed in different shapes and sizes. There are over ten shapes which perform different tasks at different times. The pliers’ main function in the automobile industry is to bend, twist, compress and reshape different materials. Pliers are made with fulcrum and first-class levers that enable them to have the bending, compressing and twisting abilities. The pliers are also used by most automobile engineers to remove and put in hot metal when necessarily needed. Here are some pliers you will see in a mechanic shop;

  • Diagonal cutters
  • Mini diagonal cutters
  • Hose clamp pliers set
  • Exhaust hanger removal plier
  • Wire strippers
  • Hose grip pliers set
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Duckbill jack pliers
  • Piston ring installer
  • Brake spring pliers
  • Visa grip locking pliers
  • Snap ring pliers

And a whole lot of others.


  1. Hammers


Previously hammers used to be stones attached to sticks so we can comfortably say this tool has also evolved. Hammers are super magical tools that get materials and objects where you want them to be within a twinkle of an eye.

Hammers are used for removing stuck seals, bearings and gears. Some of them are used to hit rims in place and even body parts of vehicles. It can also be used to remove scrap metal. Most times the job of the hammers depends on the type of hammer there is.

Like pliers, there are different shapes and sizes that hammers come in and here are some of them;

  • Hand hammers
  • Claw hammers
  • Club hammers
  • Tack hammers
  • Framing hammers
  • Dead blow hammers
  • Sledge hammers
  • Blocking hammers
  • Brass hammers

And a lot of others.


  1. Breaker bar


The breaker bar is also known as power bar and it is actually a multipurpose tool depending on the person using it. However, its major function is too free or break bolts that get stuck using extra torque and leverage. It does this by turning the threaded bolt and maneuvering it into coming away without causing any damage to the machine.

It is used mostly when the fasteners to be removed are extremely tight. With the breaker bar, the user is able to have extra force produced by a lever supplied by a longer tool, still applying the same force or torque on the tool. The length of this tool gracefully allows it to generate more torque.


  1. Torque Wrench

For a bolt or nut to be properly fastened and for it to stay in place without coming off on its own, a torque wrench is needed. The torque wrench applies just about the right amount of torque needed in the fastening of bolts and nuts. It is used in tire changing operations and generally in repair operations.


  1. Screw driver

As the name of this tool implies, it drives screws in all directions. It helps a user fasten or loosen nuts during a repair session. There are different sizes and shapes that a screwdriver has, the flat head and slotted. Here are some most popularly used screwdrivers;

  • Philips Screwdriver
  • Hex Screwdriver
  • Torx or Star Screwdriver
  • Robertson or Square Screwdriver
  • Tri wing Screwdriver.


  1. Oil-filter wrench

This tool is also called oil filter plier. It helps remove contaminants from a car’s engine oil that has accumulated over time. The oil in the oil-filter wrench helps you keep the engine clean therefore changing the oil regularly is recommended.


  1. Heavy Duty Scissors

This tool has micro teeth and is used to cut extra thick materials a normal scissors will not and cannot cut, like cables, plastic,rubber, sand paper, gaskets, leather et cetera. Most times they’re heat treated.


  1. Allen Wrenches

The Allen Wrench is also called a hex key or hex wrench. It is used to tighten or loosen screws, bolts and nuts with hexagonal sockets. These tools and many more help us all do our jobs quicker, cleaner and more easily no doubt.

Wrap Up

However, if one does not know the use of a tool one cannot use it. So here you have them. Know the tool and know what it does in order to maximally utilize it.


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