Getting an online car repair guide is important for everyone who knows that owning a car has many benefits. You can take yourself to the destination you want without relying on public transportation. Cars are currently one of the most time-saving and practical means of transportation. But what if your car breaks down, your tires are flat, or your headlights stop working?


To avoid that, we will recommend nine out of the best online car repair guides out there. Before we list them, it is important to note that If your vehicle is having serious issues, visiting a mechanic is the best thing to do as attempting to work on it yourself isn’t a great idea. The following are some of the best online car repair guides which will aid you to save time and money.

1. Youcanic

YOUCANIC is an online auto repair publisher similar to Haynes Workshop Manuals. YOUCANIC technicians disassemble the vehicle to generate step-by-step instructions therefore giving you a step-by-step repair instructions and troubleshooting guides. Their car repair guide includes video clips, pictures, torque specifications, etc. To date, YOUCANIC has published more than one thousand maintenance tutorials. They have conducted in-depth reports on BMW and Mercedes-Benz, and they seem to be expanding to other brands.

2. Emanualonline

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For many people, cars are also their main means of transportation. It enables them to get from point A to point B quickly and easily. In most cases, you will not encounter any major obstacles when you reach point B. However, nothing is perfect-including cars, so obstacles do occur. Whenever, Emanualonline will help you. Emanualonline provides the most detailed and up-to-date manuals about your car model. Whether it’s an Audi, Ford or an old Cadillac Alante, chances are there that the manual you have been looking for can be found on this website. Their website is an-depth guide site that offers guides on nearly anything that’s wrong with your vehicle

3. OnlyPDFManuals


OnlyPDFManuals is a top-level website that provides owner manuals, workshop manuals, maintenance manuals, car information, free radio unlock codes, OBDII codes, and more. the most fascinating thing about the website is that it is very easy to operate and offers a variety of repair guides to suit your needs with the navigation. You can view more than 360,000 car manuals for free! Use the car manufacturer and model on the homepage to search for car manuals. You can even download the service manual in PDF format.

4. Onlymanuals

Onlymanuals has more than 85,000 original manuals for your use. The best part? They are all free! Enter the manufacturer and model of your car on the homepage, and then select the manual you want to download. It’s that simple!.

5. Haynes

Haynes From easy-to-follow techniques, practical tools and useful advice to the latest manuals, Haynes provides some of the best online car repair guides. Its users enjoy a wide range of services. There you can find various manuals.

6. Cardiagn

Another good website where you can access a lot of free car manuals is Cardiagn. On Cardiagn, you can learn how to repair a car without having to spend money to buy a manual. The author of its automotive blog is passionate and knowledgeable about the automotive industry, and frequently visits the site to provide advice.

7. AutoMD

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AutoMD is the perfect starting point for starters. On this website, the guide is divided into six main categories: body and interior, engine, gearbox and transmission, brakes, steering and suspension, and preventive maintenance.

8. CarManualsHub

Whether you are looking for car repair manuals, maintenance manuals, car manuals, car operation manuals, or car parts catalogs that you are interested in, CarManualsHub can meet your needs. Its car blog can also keep you informed of the latest car news, tips and advice.

9. AutoDocClub


DIY car repair is not always easy. What’s more, even the best online car repair guide can be confusing at times. This is where AutoDocClub comes in handy. Each of its repair tutorials contains video instructions, as well as step-by-step instructions and images.its website permits you to search for any type of on basic car repairs. The only challenge of their website is the inability to narrow their guide to feature a particular vehicle make or model. All their guide educates you a general idea of how to repair or replace something in your car irrespective of the type of car. A lot of users enjoy it because it just like some other guides, tells you the parts needed either to be removed or adjusted. It further tells you the tools you need how difficult the repair might be and gives any tips on how to on to overcome such challenge. It uses simple procedures, so try it for your simple fixes.


Knowing how to fix some car problems yourself is essential for every car owner. Certain car issues like detecting when there is need to replace your oil, changing your spark plugs, fixing or changing headlight are all repairs that you should be able to do yourself. The biggest difficulty happens when you just go and do these things without having a guide, you might end up giving your car further problems.


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