May 16, 2022

Ups Aircraft Mechanic Jobs is one of the well paying jobs you can get in the United States… Airplanes as a means of transportation is a very blissful and calming experience everyone should have in a lifetime. It is one of the most beautiful inventions of man and the hazards that accompany it cannot be compared in any way to the automobiles.

Asides the risk of a plane crash which will be and can be avoided through the use of parachutes, extra airbags et cetera in these recent times, it is completely safe and better to use an airplane. Due to the high demand in aircrafts by both aircraft companies and bourgeoisies who can afford it, the aircraft companies are into the business of manufacturing more and more of them to efficiently serve humanity.

To achieve this aim, as many hands as possible need to be on deck and this is where aircraft mechanic jobs come into play. Just as Rome was not built in a day and just as no man is an island, nobody can own an aircraft company alone and build airplanes alone.

Through the provision of jobs to able hands in different mechanic departments under Aircraft these feats are being achieved day in day out. Aircraft mechanics as well as service technicians are so important in the area of aviation safety. They are also known as aircraft maintenance technicians (AMTs).

According to the nature of the job, AMTs are and should be experts or near experts in the field. Their general job is to maintain and repair all types of aircrafts and ensure that all safety means are put in place before an aircraft is ready for use whether on regular work or during an emergency.

They are also responsible for the daily check of these aircrafts on landing and before take-off, a fault might be detected during these times and prevent hazards from happening to both lives and properties. Aircraft mechanics should also remain knowledgeable about new innovations and improved aircraft models and aviation developments, this is to ensure that they will be able to handle newer aircrafts and take care of them as well.

Ups Aircraft Mechanic Jobs: Looking For a Job?

The United Parcel Service often known as UPS, located in Louisville Kentucky is one of the best aircraft mechanic companies in the world, with approximately over 200 inbound and outbound flights and providing services for over 200 countries around the world.

Their mechanics earn 43 dollars per hour and over 90,000 dollars per year, this is extremely above the normal annual average salary of a mechanic which is about 45,000 dollars.

They recruit good hands every season, here are some of the criteria needed for recruitment;

Educational Requirement;

Aircraft mechanics should have some degrees in association with repair skill set and aircraft maintenance. Specialization in these areas will give an aircraft mechanic a great chance to secure a good job in the aircraft company. Passing the FAA accreditation is an extremely important factor that will determine if a person will become an aircraft mechanic or not.

FAA stands for the Federal Aviation Agency and their acts were established in 1958 for the aim of developing civil aeronautics, new aviation technology, providing an operating system of air traffic control and navigation for military and civil aircraft.

All aircraft mechanics must pass FAA administration oral, written and practical exams. They also have to be graduates of the FAA approved school alongside getting equipped thoroughly with the job experience including the mechanical environments.

After going through these examinations the student is awarded with an Airframe or Power plant certificate, if training is rightly done, such student could get both the Airframe and Power plant certificates.

This gives such students a huge edge over others and most times causes immediate employment with high salary.

Skill set:

As important as it is to be certified in the required areas in aviation, it is not enough. A person can be certified without much experience to show. This is the reason the supervisors go ahead to do some skill set training before employing most aircraft mechanics.

An aircraft mechanic must be very observant, this skill will help detect a fault, no matter how small, so that it does not escalate in future. Also, they must be detailed and meticulous in all maintenance and repair processes because it will greatly surprise you the amount of harm one loose nut can cause.

They also must be versatile and positive towards the job; this way new innovations are sure to keep flowing in in a calm and friendly working environment.

It is important to mention that the aircraft mechanic jobs differ and as has other areas.  It is not only in the field of repair and works that one sees aircraft personnel. You can also find them in these other aircraft mechanic areas:

Systems engineering, manual specialization, technical analysis, air ramp supervision, aircraft load planning, aircraft maintenance management training, engineering structures, aircraft maintenance controller, front line supervision, flight qualified supervision, flight training program development, freight operations specialist, line maintenance expeditor, repair coordinator, air cargo supervision, warehouse package handling et cetera.


All these areas are open for mechanic job seekers all over the world, both the UPS and any other well organized and experienced aircraft company.

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