May 16, 2022

sometimes, we get to ask how can bed bugs live in cars, well, Bed bugs are really interesting creatures, they are from the genus Cimex, and they feed on their victims’ blood, humans and animals alike. There has been no immediate record of death from their bites but they can cause blisters, rashes and redness. In humans these bites can cause allergic and psychological problems.

Bed bugs do not like stress so they easily find food for themselves on areas of the body that are open like the face, neck, ears, other places with just little hair, legs and arms. Because of their size, especially the young ones, they are not visible to the naked eyes, however the adult ones can be seen.

They can hide anywhere in pillows, beds, furniture, walls, carpets, bathroom tiles or any available cracks and come out later in search of a meal. Inasmuch as they are called bed bugs, they can be found in many other places.

Can Bed Bugs Live in Cars? Let Us Find Out

Cars are no exceptions as to where bed bugs can be found and there are some reasons and actions that make this happen. Here are some of them;


Bed bugs are strongly known for their ability to attach themselves to anything they come in contact with as long as they are comfortable there. A person could simply sit on a seat or bed or surface infested with bed bugs or keep bags/belongings there too and they stick onto the person’s clothes or bags.

Most times these bed bugs are inadvertently transported into car seats and when they sense a dark corner they come out of their hiding and relax comfortably into every crease, nook and cranny of the cars and begin to rain havoc.


It is very common to see more bed bugs after an all-round treatment. This is because bed bugs can be terminated but their eggs may survive and in a not so long a while hatch and begin the havoc cycle all over again. Bed bugs can lay over 200 eggs in a lifetime.

These eggs can hatch in about 6-10 days, if left uninspected for a long time they can survive for over 10months. Bad news is that bed bugs can be found in cars but good news is that they can absolutely be gotten rid of.

 Here are some ways to get rid of bed bugs;

 Heat Treatment:

Despite the fact that bed bugs can survive in extremely hot environments, the car being one and at degrees of 117 Fahrenheit and 47 Celsius above the normal that most insects can take, they too have limits. Above these degrees they tend to die from overheating the car.

A steam-cleaner can be used to apply the heat treatment. Due to the fact that bed bugs can survive in such high temperatures it is advised that equipment that is able to emit over 200 degrees of high-pressure be used.


This method is just a manual one and it has helped people get rid of bed bugs on various occasions. Vacuuming creases in the car can help a lot to bring bugs out of their hiding places and by so doing, they are gotten rid of. Another way to successfully inspect and get rid of bed bugs is through trails. Since these malicious insects are blood suckers, they leave trails after eating and while returning to their hiding places.  This way one can easily know where to look to get rid of them.


The use of insecticides is one of the most common to not only get rid of bed bugs but all insects threatening one’s peace and well-being. If you happen to find too many bed bugs in your car and you cannot trace them by any means, one of the best things to do is to go for insecticides.

It should be sprayed in all corners of the car and then the car should be shut to prevent the fumes from escaping. The bed bugs would die from both suffocation and poison. There is a very popular off-white powder used to kill bed bugs in the car named Diatomaceous.

Because it is harmless to humans and pets the powder is always in high demand and has over time proven very effective in the management of bed bugs in cars.

 Regular Car cleaning:

Most times this is the most effective way to get rid of externals that intrude your car but most drivers and car users tend to ignore it the most. Cleaning one’s car regularly will ensure that the uninvited materials and creatures are gotten rid of.

Imagine cleaning your car a day or two after getting bed bugs into it, it will save you and others getting into the car a lot of trouble. It is very advisable to quit storing clothes and bags in the vehicle for a very long time as it breeds a nice and comfortable environment for bed bugs.
 Wash Seat Covers and Floor Mats:

Cleaning the cars regularly can go a long way but not all the way. This is because cleaning up a car is a general method of preventing them from coming out in search of new comfortable zones. It might remove them but to an extent. Thoroughly washing the car seats and floor mats would leave no room for survivors.

Wrap Up

Now you know that bed bugs can be found in your car and you also know that they can be gotten rid of. Taking proper precautions would go a long way to ensure you enjoy your vehicle to the fullest without any worries.

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