May 16, 2022

It is no longer news around the world the astonishing deeds truck manufacturing companies in China are doing. In the automobile field generally, they are making great waves as they climb the ladder and list the best automobile producing countries in the world.

WOW! Best China Truck Manufacturers

They focus on all varieties of automobiles, trucks being a major production amongst other cars. Here are some of the wonderful truck manufacturing companies you will see in China;

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Among other Chinese state-owned vehicle manufacturing companies, the JAC has always been so popular and known especially for their unique and consistent truck production since their establishment in 1964. They produce over 445 thousand units and before the year runs out, they sell out.

Their headquarters is located in Hefei. They have a wide range of productions from heavy-duty trucks to light duty trucks and also commercial vehicles. Another spectacular thing about JAC is the rate at which they went international.

They have booming assembly factories in Egypt, Mexico, Vietnam, Iran and Ethiopia. In Brazil the SHC group took an interest in them and they get over ten thousand orders annually. Their growth is tremendous.

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The company started in 1996 and since then their activities and prowess has granted them a top seat in the room for the largest Chinese automobile manufacturing companies around China and beyond.

Their headquarters is located in Changping, Beijing and they are known to manufacture heavy-duty, medium and light duty trucks. Foton does not only market and deal in China but also in Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Pakistan and the Philippines.

The size of their employees has been recorded to exceed 40,000, little wonder they are included amongst the largest automotive truck companies in China.


When they are in serious business they prefer to be known as SAIC Iveco Hongyan, but casually Hongyan, owing to the agreement they got into with SAIC Iveco. They initially started with the building of military vehicles before they switched to the conventional style of production.

Their product range includes Genpaw, Gentruck, Kingkan and Genlyon. Their trucks are known majorly for their extra provision of strength and perseverance on all types of terrain and weather. They have their headquarters in Chongqing.

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In the whole of Mongolia, no truck manufacturing company beats Beiben Truck. They are the fastest rising there and are being recognized more effectively as the year goes by. The manufacturing brand was founded in 1988 and they produce mainly Mercedes Benz trucks owing to the agreement they signed with Daimler Benz.

They became so established and consistent with their work and it was evident because no manufacturing company ever beat them to the production of over 40 thousand units of trucks per year in Mongolia as of when they started.

Asides their speed and consistency, they are also remarkably known for their authentic car parts, their weichai engines and fast transmissions cannot be compared to any other in the whole of China. Most truck manufacturers come to them for just these parts.

Some of their other models are beautified with deutz air-cooled engines and automated manual transmission. Some of their famous models are Tiema, Beiben V3 and Beiben NG 80.


One amazing thing about the Hualing Xingma company is that they not only focus on the production of heavy-duty trucks but also, they conduct extreme research on heavy duty trucks so as to give their customers the best when it comes to anything trucks.

They also are an advocate of the advancement and growth of independent brands around China. They have a wide range of truck productions like ash trucks, road sweepers, flatbed trucks, garbage trucks, truck mounted concrete pumps and a lot more. Two of their most special automobiles are the CAMC H08 6 and the CAMC 8×4 cargo truck.

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They are fully known as Chengdu Dayun automotive group and they began it in 2009. Asides the fact that they are known in the whole of China as one of the most versatile automobiles around, they also focus on real estate and travel.

Dealers who are looking to find good homes for themselves and their trucks to find the best service they need there. Some of the models affiliated to the brand Dayun are Qiyun 4110, Qiyun 490, Qiyun 4100, Chuan Lu 490, Chuan Lu 4100, Chuan Lu 4102, Chuan Lu 4108 to mention only a few.


Wrap up

These Chinese manufacturing companies are just to mention but a few because China as one of the Titans in the automobile industry around the globe definitely has over a million automobile industries and brands to themselves.

If you are looking to buy some of the best trucks that will serve you for years with very little depreciation, China is definitely one of the places you should look. They never disappoint.

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