May 16, 2022

Chinese Truck Brands has since time immemorial had a top spot in the list of the best trucks in the entire world. China started car production in the 1990s and their automobile industries have been rapidly progressing in the business manufacturing exotic cars, trucks, vans and sport cars and sending them out to the public in their millions.

China made their first million in their first years, in 1992 they exceeded one million sales and as at 2000 and up until 2007 their national automobile market increased by an average of over 20% and records have it that they began to sell over a million cars year in year out.

According to automobile unit production, in 2008 China was named the largest in the world. They entered the world trade organization in 2001 and this skyrocketed their production and sales.

In this 21st century, China has been named among the world’s largest car producing countries as they can now easily manufacture over 20million cars. In 2009, China produced over 14 million automobiles surpassing the United States as the world’s largest in car production and in 2019 China remarkably produced about 5.36million commercial vehicles which sold out in no time.

China would not have attained this great feat without providing for itself strong and amazing brands to carry out these manufacturing processes. Having said that China has thrived heavily and successfully in the automobile industry, it is a general statement because when it comes to the production of trucks, they do not slack one bit here are some of the best truck brands you will ever see, both in China and all around the world;

Chinese Truck Brands

Before we get right into the list, you should know that China has a unique weight to qualify a truck as one. For trucks to actually be trucks, they have to have a Gross Vehicle Weight rating of 14 tons/ 30,864 pounds or more else that car cannot be classified as a truck.


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This brand is a division of the Chinese FAW (First automobile works) group and they focus mostly on the production of heavy-duty trucks that can thread on all grounds with ease no matter the weather. They have their headquarters in Changchun, Jilin.

They reportedly have over 22,000 employees, this shows how big they are and the reason they are successful, having that number of witty brains working for them. The brand was initially working for the FAW car company in 1953 and in 1956 they manufactured their first truck.

They established the brand as a sole brand in 2003 and records show they produce 200,000 units annually. They mainly focus on the production of light, medium and heavy-duty trucks. They also market auto parts just in case a customer is looking to go for it instead of a full truck.


Sinotruk is one of the fastest rising truck companies in China, their headquarters is located in Jinan. They built their way to the top and they became highly popular with their production of the JN 150. They are well known for their exporting prowess in the business worldwide. Their trucks are used and trusted in over 100 countries around the world.


When the best truck manufacturers are mentioned, the list is never complete if the Dongfeng truck company is left out. According to world statistics, the company follows as number two after Faw Jiefang in the best and most influential list in China.

They do not only specialize in the production of trucks, they also sell parts in order to give their customers full satisfaction. They also make sure to give their customers a variety of both heavy and light duty trucks to select from. They have their headquarters in Wuhan and their trucks are used all over the globe and in any industry at all.

Some of their famous models are Dongfeng KK, Dongfeng KL and Dongfeng KC. The company beat Sinotruk to it by taking over the second spot on Carlogo’s most recently released list.


Shacman also referred to as Shaanxi Automobile group limited was established in 1968 and they have their headquarters in Xian. The company has been making a good name for themselves and in 2011 they were named the most successful heavy-duty truck manufacturing company in China after registering 31million RMB.

Some of their heavy-duty trucks are the X3000, M 3000, F 2000 and F 3000. China is simply an industry leader when it comes to truck manufacturing, they have proven themselves to be true and trustworthy over and over again. This is the sole reason most truck manufacturers and dealers make their way to China straight up whenever they are looking for long lasting trucks and vehicles in general.

Also, they go for a seamless transaction as over the years the automobile companies there have learnt to keep it simple for their customers.

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