May 16, 2022

There are extremely amazing mechanic jobs in Dubai that focuses in all the fields there are, Dubai is one of the most popular countries known widely for their versatility and it extends to their mechanical world. In Dubai, there are over thousands of mechanic jobs and at one point in time they have vacancies to give able hands.

Mechanic Jobs in Dubai, Tips to Getting Your Supercars Fixed

Here are some of the best mechanical companies in Dubai where you can get the best jobs and have your automobiles fixed;

1. Careem:


This automobile company is a bike mechanic workshop. Satisfied customers have given them reviews which collectively sums up to a 4.5 star review. The job is available to people who are able to re balance bikes to ensure even distribution across stations within a particular area assigned, keep track of all equipment required for a task and taking sole responsibility should any harm come to it, cleaning bike parts and bike equipment, carry out instructions to ensure optimal availability of docking stations and bikes, logging all daily work activity making use of a provided tool.

Also, a person who is looking for a mechanic job in an establishment such as this should be readily available for the manual aspect of the job because it gets physical for the most parts of the job. Strength and manpower are well needed alongside team work.

2. Drydocks World:

This company has been known all over Dubai for over 40 years now and the amazing jobs they do speak for them everywhere. They have received a lot of awards including The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum business award, the Dubai quality appreciation award, Shipyard of the year.

On eleven beautiful occasions, they have received the British Safety Council Prestigious Sword of Honora. According to reports, Drydock World is located on a yard spread across three graving docks, 200 hectares and one floating dock capable of holding the world’s largest shipment.

Their in-house built floating crane can lift 2,000 metric tonnes and for all other types of gears for other types of operation. Drydock approximately completes about 300 projects annually and they break new records each time.

One time Drydock broke the record for the largest new build offshore fabrication project across the globe. They lead in the production of offshore and marine services, these services are provided to shipping, trading, energy, oil and gas sectors.

Their mechanic sectors boom as well because they manufacture most of their own machines to ensure proper work is done perfectly. A person looking to find a mechanic job in a sector like this should be able to maintain good housekeeping of equipment and get them ready when needed.

A job seeker should also be able to dismantle and assemble tools properly and attend to breakdown of tools.

3. Profile Middle East:

This company is located in Jebel Ali. Collectively they have a rating review of 4.7 stars and it has remained so over the years. They focus on the supervision of mechanical rotation and this involves the installation, preservation, alignment, commissioning and pre-commissioning of machineries such as pumps for sites and centrifugal compressors and centrifugal pumps.

These companies are inexhaustible and here are some more mechanic industries and their forte;

The Green Initiative responsible for electrical and mechanical jobs. Al-futtaim, deals on tyre and express services. H.R International, solely responsible for automobile mechanics. AK Solutions, this group is responsible for all things electricity and heavy equipment.

Swissotel, like AK Solutions, focuses on electricity. Liebherr Middle East deals with construction machinery for service engineers. American eagle, strongly responsible for online merchandising. Eurostar Group, responsible for motorcycle manufacturing and a lot more.

All of these companies that focus on automobiles usually offer tips on how to get your cars fixed, here are some;

Read the manual:

Most car owners tend to abandon the manuals the cars come with; this is a bad practice as any simple self-fixable thing would have you calling on a mechanic.

  • Pay close attention to your car:

Most times before your car finally breaks down it warns you initially, perhaps through a change in the sound, movement, rigidity and you name it. When it starts to act up, fix it before it escalates.

  • Ask questions about used parts:

It is not enough to just own a car it is also important to know the car. Do your research and know the parts of a car, ask your friends, neighbors and mechanics a lot of questions. Also ask how you can fix them on your own prior to their spoiling. In this way, when the need arises there will be no reason to run around looking for aid.

  • Insurance:

Insurance is one of the surest and most reliable ways to get your car fixed. With insurance, as long as you are qualified for it, the repair journey would always be a piece of cake. It takes the required qualifications, patience and resilience to get jobs in these mechanic companies and achieve mind-blowing feats, go for it!

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