May 16, 2022

in no doubt you can find the best mechanical companies in India, and this has made them to be among the best car manufacturing countries in the world . Else how would they build mind blowing designs effortlessly year in year out. The mechanics in India started hundreds of years ago, as early as one of the very first cars began to move in the streets of India.



The people of India have always been known as lovers of cars and whatever moves with ease. It is beautiful to see how their love for industrialization has resulted into the building of sleek cars all over the world today.

Here are some the best ranking automobile mechanic companies you’ll find in India;

1. Bosch India:

Bosch is one of the most famous mechanic companies in India. Lots of reviews and testimonials have proven and confirmed them capable.

The company is highly known for the skills they have in the production of power tools, automobiles, packaging technology, security systems, industrial and mechanical equipment, spark plugs, drilling machines and more. They are located in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Nasik among other locations.

2. Tata Group:

Over the years this company and its tremendous input have been on the lips of everyone all over india and beyond. The group has subgroups working in different engineering sectors.

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They are into steel production, solar power, Voltas (refrigeration and air conditioning) , construction equipment et cetera. Among other places in India, they are located in Odisha, Jharkhand, Jamshedpur and Chhattisgarh.

3. Larsen and Toubro:

Larsen and Toubro, often called L & T, is one of the biggest engineering and construction firms in India. They have many other branches that are in the production of automobiles, electricals, mining, metals, petrochemicals and aerospace.

Their headquarters is in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and they also have amazing manufacturing companies in Gujarat and Karnataka.

4. Kirloskar Group:

Unlike other mechanical companies that are versatile in two and more fields, Kirloskar group focuses solely in the mechanical engineering field. They produce engines and other parts like valves, pumps, compressors, air conditioners, refrigerators and you name it. Their headquarters is located at Pune in Maharashtra.

5. Godrej Group:

The Godrej group, ever since they began production has been known for nothing but excellence. They ranked top 15 in the “Best Company to Work for in India” in 2018 and they are still living up to their name and standard. They are efficient in the production of air conditioners, locks and refrigerators. Their headquarters is in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

6. Siemens:

This company is known for their unique focus on the software aspect of mechanical engineering. They offer software in automobile modeling, analysis, experiment and production. Asides covering a wide product range in India, they also built the popular software Unigraphics.

7. GE:

GE group is one of the most tanking mechanical engineering companies in India as well. They focus in the fields of rails, energy, appliances, lighting and repairs. Among the top 30 best companies in India according to a survey by ‘’, the company ranked number 9.

8. Thermax:

The company has always had its headquarters in Pune in India and that’s where the magic happens. They have an extremely high rate of efficiency in the production of boilers, heaters, cooling systems, wastewater treatment, power, air conditioning, air pollution control and recycling.

9. Thyssen Group:

When versatility is mentioned in the mechanical industries in India the Thyssen Group will always come in and comfortably have a seat. This group works from 7 strong, well-functioning and different locations in India. They are highly proficient in the area of steel, material services, plant technology, energy and power alongside others.

10. Suzlon:

The Suzlon company is known worldwide for wind turbine manufacturing. They are ranked number 5 in Asia and number 8 globally for it, how amazing. They have their production facilities and wind farms located in Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu and headquarters at Pune.

11. Geometric LTD:

Like Siemens, the company focuses more on the software aspects of mechanical engineering. They hire mostly mechanical engineers interested in design softwares, product life cycle management (PLM), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), Computer-aided drafting (CAD), Computer-aid engineering (CAE) and geometrics.

This helps for easy installation and enables smooth data transfer into manufacturing developments. It is good to mention that these are not the only companies in India. There are over a thousand other mechanic companies with specifications in various areas.

Here are some others you can check out; Crompton Greaves, Schneider Electric, IOCL, Ashok Leyland, DRDO, BHEL( Bharat heavy electricals), NPCIL, BPCL, ISRO, Aircraft mechanic, ABS engineer,Pathak Recruitment Services, Mechanic foreman, Prism manpower services and the list in its hundreds goes on.


However, it is safe to say that India is and should be included strongly among countries that have the best mechanical companies around the globe because obviously they do and their efforts are evident in all ways. Beginning from the cars we drive, the appliances we use at home and at work, clean air we breathe from air conditions and how easy life has been with all these around.

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