May 16, 2022

You ca always be able to get Mechanic Job in Canada this is because, when it comes to offering jobs, Canada is one of the best at it in the entire world. Many people from all walks of life migrate to Canada in search of jobs.

The amazing thing is that they find it almost all the time and this has made Canada a trustworthy country. There are literally hundreds of jobs you can get in Canada.

This is the reason the country is so versatile; you will barely see an occupation lacking. They have doctors, nurses, miners and quarrying supervisors, power systems electricians, engineering managers, pipe fitting supervisors, dentists, lawyers and gas drillers to mention but a few. Recently,there has been a shortage of mechanics in Canada as the majority of current vehicle mechanics are about fifty years old and are nearing retirement.

How to Get a Mechanic Job in Canada; A Step by Step Guide

The average auto mechanic in Canada earns about 56,550 dollars a year or 29 dollars per hour. However, this amount is not fixed, it could all depend on a mechanic’s experience, length of service et cetera. A newly employed mechanic can be making about 49, 730 dollars a year while an almost veteran mechanic can be making about double that amount or even more.

The standard full-time average hourly wage rate for equipment control and maintenance including vehicle mechanics, mechanic repairers is 32.66 dollars. The mechanic jobs can casually be divided into two: the diesel mechanic job and the auto mechanic job. Some companies might have more or less divisions, but these two stand out always. The car (auto mechanic) and that which propels it( diesel mechanic).

  •  Age

This is the most important factor to be taken into consideration before an individual is given the job of a mechanic. Knowing exactly what the work entails only means that if a person is not between the ages of 18 -40, they should not be found in a mechanic workshop.

This is because it takes strength and perseverance to have such a job. This age restriction is put in order to prevent unnecessary accidents due to inadequate manpower to do work. Unless in some cases older men who work their muscles are still in shape and have vigorous strength in them, they should not be allowed to do work.

Same goes to the underage, however no matter how strong a teenager is, the teenager should not be below 18. The law would see it as child abuse.

  • Experience

Another step to guide you know if you can get a mechanic job in a registered company is your level of experience in that field. To get a real mechanic job, an applicant must have taken time to learn a few things independently before coming into the professional space. The applicant could be a high school graduate with rudiment experiences from school both in the theoretical and practical aspect of it. The applicant should also be able to answer fundamental questions concerning cars. It could be their parts, common faults and et cetera. That way the job is easy for both employee and employer.

  •  3-5 years Apprenticeship

In some automobile industries, a few years of gathered experience is enough to get you enrolled and pay rolled. However, in some other automobile industries they require a standard apprenticeship acquired before one can be hired.

This apprenticeship should come from an organized organization and they should issue the participant a certificate they will present in order to qualify for this job.

mechanic jobs in canada

  • Legal Process

The legal process is the overall guide to how to become a mechanic. After age and experience, the applicant needs a legal certificate in engine repair, brakes, engine performance, suspension and steering, heating and air conditioning, electrical/electronic system, axles, manual drive train, automatic transmission and trans-axle in order to successfully apply.

Furthermore, of course an application letter has to be sent across to the company alongside a CV and ensure you are ready to make and repair resiliently the world’s best cars.

In Canada, there are specific places to look while striving to get a mechanic job, here are some places and the type of regulated jobs you will find;

Alberta; Agricultural equipment technician, heavy duty equipment technician: truck and traffic mechanic, transport trailer mechanic and off-road heavy-duty equipment mechanic.

Ontario; Crop dryer technician, hydraulic/pneumatic mechanic and heavy-duty equipment mechanic. Quebec; Construction machine mechanic, heavy vehicles mechanic and heavy equipment mechanic. British Columbia; agricultural equipment mechanic, diesel fuel injection/fuel engine mechanic and heavy-duty equipment mechanic.

Manitoba; diesel engine mechanic, heavy duty equipment technician and Agricultural equipment mechanic.

New Brunswick; heavy equipment service technician. In these other places they basically offer the same opportunities; Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Saskatchewan, Yukon and many other cities. Canada is really a place to locate amazing jobs, time and testimonials will agree one hundred with this.



In 2020 it was estimated that Canada will be one million tradespeople short of mechanics. Getting a mechanic job in Canada is quite feasible as long as due process is followed and you will actually be happy you did get it because aside from offering jobs, Canada is also one of the best paying countries in the world.

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