May 16, 2022

The Benefits of Mechanical Hand Tools cannot be over emphasize. Mechanical hand tools are those tools that those in the automobile engineering world can operate and maneuver manually. Mechanical hand tools are the exact opposite of power tools.

10 Benefits of Mechanical Hand Tools

The benefits that come with using hand tools are numerous and here are some of them;

1. Saves Time

Mechanical hand tools save a user a lot of time because there are no processes of fixing and assembling parts before usage. All one has to do is pick the hand tool from its place of rest and use it immediately. Unlike the power tool that most times requires you assemble before use and disassemble after use to prevent spoilage, rust or damage to sensitive parts.

2. Improvement Check

One good thing about mechanical hand tools is its ability to evolve with time and technology. Take for instance, the hammer was initially a combination of sticks, ropes and stones.

After a while people learnt they could use stronger adhesives instead of ropes that will end up falling off after a while. Just like that time went by and by and today we have different hammer designs, sleek to the core. This is one of the benefits a hand tool will give you. It helps you check what you can improve to make manual working a piece of cake.

3. Precision

Precision comes in in using mechanical hand tools because you are the one controlling the tool and directing it first-hand where to go and where not to go, what to do and what not to do. It will be very difficult for an error to occur during repair operations or manufacturing procedures while using the hand tool.

Most times power tools have minds of their own and might end up doing something else outside a Mechanic’s instruction.

4. No Power Source

Another important benefit of the mechanical hand tool is that it does not need electricity to function unlike the power tool. Basically, no long procedures are required. With power tools there can be a lot of limitations.

A workshop could run out of gas and in such a situation, if they do not have a handy hand tool it will utterly stop them from doing any work until the problem is fixed. Such issues are not encountered when a hand tool is in use.

5. Simple Repair

The ease at which anyone can repair a hand tool should be recommended and applauded by hand tool manufacturers. Even with a simple manual, a hand tool can be fixed and be ready for immediate use. This is unlike power tools that will need a professional to check the tool out if it goes faulty before further work can be done with it again.

6. Safety

Mechanic hand tools over the years have proven to cause little or no harm to users daily. Some reports have it that less than 20% of individuals who use hand tools get injured by it. As long as thick mechanic gloves are worn at all times to protect the hands, little or no harm comes to a user of a hand tool.

This is not and has not been the same with power tools and their users. Electric current running through a faulty wire of a power tool could harm a user greatly. Most times when a faulty power tool is used without fix, it could cause great harm, a part could disassemble with so much force powered by electricity and bring about terrible damage to the user if hit by it or on materials around.

7. Easier to Transport

Due to the fact that mechanical hand tools are tools made easily with very few materials and fewer moving parts, it is extremely easy to transport them from one location to another. There is absolutely no need to run helter skelter looking for a vehicle or any carrier as the case is most times with power tools.

8.Teaching Made Easier

This is one of the most important benefits of a mechanical hand tool. Most automobile engineers tutor their students with hand tools so that they can learn first-hand its usage and how to properly maneuver the tools into doing exactly what they want it to do. In most cases when power tools are not specifically requested for for a particular thing, they are not used at all for teaching.

9. Saves Cost

Another interesting fact about the hand tools is that most of them are not costly at all. With just a little amount of money you can get yourself some and keep in your Workshop for when the need arises.

10. Can be Found Anywhere

Despite the fact that mechanical hand tools are not so delicate, they can be found and taken anywhere. Most of the time, an automobile engineer does not have to bother about the atmospheric condition of a place before keeping a tool.

They could stay today with other tools and no damage will be done. However, power tools should be well kept and taken care of, else the next thing that follows suit is spoilage.

Hand tools are mostly preferred because of these reasons and many more.

Here are some hand tools used by automobile engineers;

  • Hammers
  • Wrenches
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver set
  • Torch light
  • Socket set
  • Pry bar
  • Chisels and punches
  • Breaker bar

These and tens of other hand tools make a mechanic’s dreams come through.

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