May 16, 2022

The car fest 2022 is an amazing festivity that all car and fun lovers look forward to every single year with so much anticipation and preparation.
The car fest was introduced firstly by Chris Evans in August 2011 who thought it wise to allow varieties of activities and entertainment to become a thing.

It has since been held with the exception of 2020 owing to COVID-19 protocols. This event features in a nutshell a steam fair, carnival fancy dress parade, track shows, live music performance, food, fundraising and most importantly driving experiences.

The show has been taking place in Bolesworth Estate since 2015 when it was held at Oulton Park. Last year they celebrated their 10th anniversary in grand style highly sponsored by Richard Jones taking it majorly to charity homes. It is well-known that every year’s car fest comes with new experiences, expectations and development.

car fest 2022, what is different?

This year’s carfest has been set to take place in both the North and South in Cheshire and Hampshire respectively.

Here are a few things to expect from Carfest 2022;

More Car Display

This year’s car fest is set to accommodate numerous mind-blowing cars from all over the North and South. There are likely to be no limitations in the magnificent display of all the exotic cars we have known. Some of these car companies include Kia, which has always been in the good books of the market space.

Last year the company showed off their new EV6 electric car and this year we are looking forward to more drooling exhibitions. The Lamborghini is also not going to be left out in the show, they’re coming in full force with all their new models. We are likely going to see their Urus SUV and even their Rambo Lambo LM002. Lamborghini Aventador is also not left out in the list.

Other car brands in the world like Lexus, Jeep, Tesla, Peugeot, Porsche, Chevrolet, BMW, Hyundai, Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Jaguar, Mistsubishi, Fiat, Mazda, Ginetta, Mini, Land Rover, Cadillac, Volvo, Volkswagen, Honda and a whole lot of other brands will all be granted access to test drive in the fest. Another exquisite thing about the fest is that these brands get to make massive sales during and after the fest, this is because both cars and drivers might make people or even companies fall in love with a car’s speed, shape, exteriors, interiors and you name it.


The fact that it is a Carfest does not deprive amazing power bike brands from displaying.
Since the festival lasts up to about three days and houses a variety of events. Bike riding is
included in one of the varieties. Bike brands like Honda, Marin Bikes, Orbea, Suzuki, Ibis,
Colnago, Fuji Bikes, Raleigh, Salsa, Mongoose, Bianchi, Cervelo, Cannondale and a whole
others are all featured to showcase their models if they so desire.


If we will be honest, food is the most important thing in any festival and the Carfest is not
left out. Participants need energy to drive miles and spectators likewise. This is the reason there are over hundred varieties of food and drinks readily available for just everyone. Most  times some people come to try out new foods and this year will not be anything short of a gigantic display of different delicacies of food and brands of drinks to be tried out.


The Carfest has always been a strong medium for the merging of different cultures
because it is the coming together of different people with different cultures all over the world.

Most people even learn a few new languages before the show comes to an end and get to
interact with people from different places and this helps to grow global communication. Owing to the fact that the Carfest will be held in the North and South this year, one only has to anticipate the massive connections that are likely going to take place in both areas.


After food and car displays, music is another extremely interesting part of the fest. A lot
of amazing bands and musicians all over the world come to render mind-blowing performances for the audience to see and listen to. The unique part of the music shows is that varieties are allowed also. The spectators get to enjoy rap, hip-hop, RandB,Jazz, Rock,Metal, Country music and Classical music.


In as much as music and dancing goes hand in gloves, it will be a big disrespect to say it is all in one. We can not say singing/music is the same with dancing. Even if you wanted to say so, the type of dances you will experience at the fest will definitely make you change your notion. Professional dancers are just too good and this year’s carfest would be introducing use to them and we are pretty much not ready for the fierceness they will bring with them to the limelight.

One extraordinary thing about Chris Evans’ carfest is that all proceeds go to the UK children’s charity. Imagine having all the fun you can have, all for the good of humanity

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