May 16, 2022

You should always make sure to sought after ways to keep your Tesla in the game over a long period of time, this is because of the very fact that The Tesla is one of the best cars selling and being used all over the world today because of its durability.

This electric car uses a battery that can last 8 years or more traveling over 161,000 miles throughout its life span. With a single charge it can go 1000 miles smoothly.
Another sweet thing about the Tesla is that it gives the user plenty of room for just a little too much luggage and groceries both in the trunk and bonnet (the car barely has an engine).


An Aventador has been beaten to the speed mark by the very only Tesla, now this car speaks greatly for itself when it comes to speed. Again most Tesla users have testified to its calm and soothing interiors, if you want the car quiet it goes quiet and vice versa. However the system will not let you sleep off while on the road, it journeys with you!

6 best ways to keep your Tesla in the game for a long time

The amazing list of things the Tesla can do for you goes on and on, however to ensure that
these good things do not cease half way, the vehicle needs proper care and attention. Here are some of the ways you can keep it in the game for as long as possible;

6. Charge Up:

This new Tesla model runs solely on electricity and despite the fact that it can go
days with a single charge, it is advisable to always charge it up. This is simply because at an optimal level the car serves better. Letting the battery run down for days before plugging it in can reduce its speed. So keep it plugged in wherever and whenever, this will help the battery retain heat and energy.

5. Build it a Garage:

having a good garage is one of the very good ways to keep your Tesla in the game, a garage is to a car what a house is to you. Imagine sleeping out in the cold
at night as if being beaten by the harsh weather during the day is not enough.


Even Superman will break down one day if left in such terrible condition. This is the reason the garage is extremely important. It will protect your car from the harsh weather and make it comfortable. Also a well built and secured garage will definitely prevent or reduce to the barest minimum, burglary.

4. Wash it Up:

Due to the fact that the Tesla can thread any ground in any weather is the absolute
reason it should be thoroughly washed not less than thrice a week. The tires could get cloggy and affect its speed and we would not like that, would we?

3. Overload:

The amount of space the Tesla model has in it can be very tempting. However
there’s a limit to which everything and everyone can go. Overloading it can do a lot of unhealthy things to it. So mind your load regardless.

2. Ceramic Coating:

Coating is one of the most ways to keep your Tesla in the game and if you must protect it. Believe it or not months after months, your car wears off from all those inadvertent scratches, slight collisions and you name it.

Coating it renews it, protects it and on the bright side gives it a shiny look. Ceramic coating also makes car washing an easy task. This is because the coating does not allow dirt to stick to it, hence it quickly goes off as the water comes on it. The good thing about this ceramic coating is that it can not only be used on the car’s body but also on glass surfaces and it even helps the driver see more clearly from all angles. So it’s a win win.

5 ways to keep your Tesla in the game for a long time

1. Interior Clean Up:

Most times people think of washing the exteriors of a car when ‘car washing’ is mentioned. This is a really wrong notion because the interiors need as much washing as the exteriors. In most cases it is even more important than the exterior washing.

Before you take your car on the day’s spin, ensure that the steering wheel, seats, floor mats are properly wiped. For floor mats, a new inventory has been made and instead of the regular rubber or carpet mat, the weather liner floor mats have become amazing alternatives. There’s absolutely no harm in trying them out. We all can do just about anything to give our car the best treatment.


Pimping your ride is a very good way to make your ride always look like your baby, do not ever forget that. You must not wait for it to get faulty before you get it checked out at the car shop. You can decide to re-coat it, get a brand new engine and parts for it.

You can also decide to redo the interior or even make your garage a little bit more conducive. Pay attention to every detail and every change and get it looked at immediately.
Do these and you can bet on it anywhere that your Tesla will be in the game for a really long time

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