May 16, 2022

These gta car brands in real life are unique set of cars that provides for hundreds of sleek designs, these cars has been seen in the the whole Grand theft games to make selections from.

15 exquisite GTA car brands in real life

Here are a few of the finest GTA cars you’ll ever see;

  • Toyota Celica

This fire GT4 had its production started way back in 1970 and up until 2006, it
was still in production. The super car is powered by a four cylinder engine and it came in various body styles like the coupés, convertibles, liftbacks and notchback coupés. Initially it was rear-wheel drive before it was remodeled to front wheel drive and all wheel drive to serve its users better and the aim was achieved.

For extra safety this car is loaded with dual SRS standard airbags and seat mounted side airbags. According to records the GT4 sold not less than 200,000 every year it was remodeled.

  • Carrera S

This sport car is also called Porsche 992 or Porsche 911 manufactured by Porsche
AG and was brought to Los Angeles in 2018. Its newest model has 2 door coupé, 2 door target top and 2 door convertible and uses a rear-engine and an all-wheel drive. The beast runs with the 4.0 L naturally aspirated flat 6 most efficiently. Its body panels are coated in aluminum and its new rear bumpers have larger exhaust tips. This newest model is loaded with amazing new features such as; navigation system, braking intervention, collision detection, driver assistance systems, wheel acoustic sensors and lots more.

  • M2 F87

M2 F87 replaced the 1 series in grand style, featuring a strong turbocharged BMW
N55 engine with improved suspension, handling and braking systems. It also featured a two door coupé, front-engine and rear wheel drive. One spectacular thing about the M2 F87 is its sleek iconic grill.

  • Mustang SVT

Alongside the different new models that hit the market in 2000, the Mustang SVT AKA Cobra R was inclusive. It was first built by the Ford vehicle team in1980 and has successfully been remodeled in a mind blowing sports car recently. Its body style is a 2 door coupé, 2 door convertible, 2 door fastback and 3 door hatchback. It won the Tiffany gold medal for excellence in American design, being the first automobile to get this award.
History and records have it that it was the most sought after car by the Bloomingtons.

  • Mustang S281-E

In the 4th and 5th generation of the Ford Mustang, this model was featured around 2003. It is simply a muscle car with a 2 door coupé and 2 door convertible pushing through strongly with a 4.6L V8 engine. It appeared in Fast and Furious 2.

  • Nissan 370Z

In Japan, this beast is known as The Fairlady ZZ34. It is a two door model, a two
door roadster and also a two seater. It is the sixth generation of the Nissan Z-car line and runs with a 3.7L engine.

  • Trueno AE86

The fifth generation Toyota when it was remodeled, came with a fuel injected
naturally aspirated 4A-GE inline-four engine. In 1986, it was modeled by Toyota as the Black Limited model. It used ventilated disc brakes, automatic transmission, independent suspension and stabilizer bars alongside other features.

  • Supra MK5

Another Toyota remarkable brand that caused an uproar in the automobile market
upon its introduction. This car came with an engine option of 3.0L twin-scroll turbo V6 engine which could produce 368 pound-feet of torque and 382 horsepower. According to world reports and U.S news, this car is ranked 13 in luxury sports cars.

  • Cayman Porsche 718

A lot of people had issues accepting this model as a Porsche until its
new model was released in 2005. It was designed to run with 4 cylinders. Another peculiar thing about the Cayman is that it makes provisions for all your stuff with its inbuilt double trunk. The car also came loaded with safety measures like blind spot detection, high-beam assist, emergency brake light flashing, puncture repair kit, lane departure prevention amongst other exquisite features.

  • Lexus CS300

This brand received a rating of 4.4 out of 5 when it was first introduced. It came with a front engine and a rear wheel engine. Its seats could hold up to four passengers. It was said to have shared body design with the Toyota Soarer.

  • Sunny Hakotora

This truck is everything a tough road journeyer needs, from durable and
strong tires to large trunk space to seating accommodation. It also came with push button start and an inline-six cylinder RB engine.

  • Elise S

One mind blowing thing about the Elise S is that it can use electricity to power up. It is
also called the Lotus Elise. This car effortlessly records as one the most successful and well
known British cars of its generation. This car is capable of going 150 mph.

  • F80 Concept

This car can run a distance of 62mph in just nearly three seconds with a speed of
310 miles per hour, this particular feature has made it draw for itself numerous dealers around the globe. Its twin-turbo V8 engine has a 900 horsepower capacity coupled with a 300 horsepower KERS system. There’s so much faith in this car and it has been included in the list of the world’s classified fastest cars.

  • DK’s 350Z

This car was one of the few equipped with the APS twin-turbo system and as a
result, its speed is second to none. It appeared in F and F Tokyo drift.

  • Nissan 350Z

In 2002 its first model was released by Nissan motor corporation. It is mainly
known for its high power ability to break traction. Its durability gave it high purchasing power and there was no cause to complain.

Having seen this mind-blowing list of GTA brands, there is no doubt the grandeur cars being produced around the globe to serve humanity smoothly.

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