May 16, 2022

We all want our BMW car life expectancy to be as long as possible. This baby needs to be properly taken care of in order to serve this purpose and it will not do so itself.

Despite the fact that the recent BMW models have been designed to take care of themselves and they go as far as letting you know when they’re due for service and maintenance using the service interval indicator (SII) that aids you track dates of service and lets you know after how much mileage it needs to chill.


BMW car life expectancy; 5 ways to optimize the health of your car

There are some efforts you as a BMW owner can put into ensuring your ride is healthy all the time, here are some of them;

1. Check and Rotate Tires Regularly

This practice should be taken seriously like a ritual in other to increase your BMW car life expectancy,this is because, after the engine as power house, comes the four tires. A lot can go wrong with a car if anything happens to its tires. Without the tires a car can not go nowhere, if one tire goes bad it affects the others, this is the reason the tires should be checked as many times as possible.

It is even advisable to check the tires everyday before a road trip, short or long. A spike could be hiding underneath waiting to cause havoc. A tire could need more inflation and the list goes on. Another way to take care of the tires is by rotation.


One tire staying at a particular spot could increase its risk of deflation due to a constant amount of pressure, that is the reason it should be rotated so that it can deal with different levels of pressure at different intervals, it also helps promote even tread wear and accurate vehicle traction. Parking the car properly can do the tires some good as well.

Imagine standing with one leg twisted to the side for hours! This is exactly what we do to tires when we park haphazardly. Your BMW tires deserve more.

2. More good oil

Your BMW’s life span will thank you if you feed it good oil regularly. Oils are to cars generally what water is to humans, animals and plants. The engine will run smoothly with
clean oil and clogs will be prevented. It is advisable that the BMW has its oil changed after every 7,500miles run in place of the originally stipulated 15,000miles. The internal parts of the engine will function more effectively.

It is one thing to oil your BMW and it is another thing to oil it with good and accurate oil. The type of oil put into an engine goes a long way in determining how well the oil works and well it keeps the vehicle going. Weights in oil matter a lot. The proper oil weight will help maintain the engine’s internal pressure while running and also increase your BMW car life expectancy.


Also, Add Packs in oils which make up the properties of the oil will aid the engine function efficiently. Some add packs to look out for are friction modifiers, anti-oxidation additives, anti- foaming , corrosion inhibitors and a lot more.

3. Replacement of Coolant and Antifreeze

Before we talk about its replacement, here are the parts of the BMW that make up the coolant system; The hose, overflow tank, water pump, freeze plug, thermostat, radiator,cooling fans, heater core and pressure cap. Basically their work is to circulate water around the Combustion chambers and carry away excess heat in the engine block and cylinder head.


When these parts are not regularly replaced and checked we all know what follows. The
engines overheat and this can leave a driver stranded anywhere anytime resulting from debris clogs. It is advised that the coolant system to avoid malfunction is flushed after every 40,000miles.

Failure to replace and check on parts will result in the changing of the entire coolant system. Avoid this and check on them once in a not so long while.

4. Air and Cabin Filter Inspection

The BMW does a lot with clean air and we want to keep that in check. Air filters need inspection as often as the car’s oil is changed. It is so important that the car’s system will alert you once a change is overdue, so do not allow it to get to that point before a change is made.

To keep an engine well running, air needs to pass through numerous systems and when the passing air is filled with unpleasant particles it tends to cause a lot of problems. This is the same reason the cabin should be filtered with fresh air. The fresher the air the better your car works.

5. Monitor Rubber Hoses and Gaskets

These equipment are extremely important in all cars, the BMW highly included. Cracks and
faulty seals in hoses and gaskets have reportedly caused potential damage when ignored.
When you’ve ticked off all these healthy routines to keep your BMW going remember that you’re not an expert unless you are.


if you want your BMW car life expectancy to be as long as possible, then it is extremely important that you book an appointment with your most trusted repair shop owner when you’re told to. Some other times, you mustn’t wait on an appointment, give that baby a treat. Pimp your ride!

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