May 16, 2022

if you are looking for the best 2022 SUVs under 25000 USDs, you should know that “It is never an ending battle of making your cars better and also trying to be better yourself….”

“SUV” is an acronym for Sport Utility Vehicles. SUVs are known to be all round vehicles and also known as family vehicles. Thus SUVs amongst others are the most sought after vehicles in the world today, as they come in different shapes and specs with diverse features.

TOP 4 2022 SUVs UNDER 25000 USDs

There are luxury SUVs and there are affordable SUVs, implying that SUVs can come in handy for different personalities in the world today. Thus those looking to get affordable brand new SUVs that serve transportation purpose should look through this list of the top 2022 SUVs that cost below $25000. For a better insight to our readers, we will be appraising/reviewing these SUVs briefly.


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This is one of the inventories of Kia car brand. This SUV offers roomy versatility along with an excellent fuel economy and an affordable price of $23,665. The strength of this SUV is; its slick infotainment features, engaging driving dynamics, it has plenty of cargo space, an upscale interior design and materials. Kia Seltos 2022 is a higher version and improvement of the 2021 model with the introduction of the new Nightfall Edition.

It also has a more standard safety technology, forward collision avoidance assist with pedestrian detection, driver attention warning and a high beam assist. According to research Kia Seltos 2022 has been rated 78% out of 100% in quality and reliability. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) gave the 2022 Seltos an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars, however there are pitfalls, which have been identified; its dual clutch is not smooth enough and it has an inconsistent heat treating process for the piston oil rings, which could damage its engine and lead to fire outbreak. Notwithstanding, Kia Seltos stand out as one of the finest SUVs in its class.



if you are looking for one of the best SUVs under 25000 USDs, this light duty rig is one best suited as a commuter vehicle rather than one for a serious adventure. Its auto compatibility is top notch, with a conventional cabin and a stylishly built exterior. The 2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is the latest model after the 2020 model and the fussy touchpad controller of the previous model was replaced with a manual turning and volume knobs.

The Eclipse cross is not known for an excellent fuel economy, although its fuel economy is not horrible. It is about long distance comfort and not sport. The crossover has one of the most sophiscated all wheel drive system as well as an increase in cargo room. Basic driver assistance technologies are standard, such as automated emergency braking and lane departure warning but Mitsubishi has not made any power train changes to the Eclipse cross for 2022. Eclipse cross 2022 has not been fully tested for reliability and quality, thus has no general score. Its cons are; the middling acceleration and its disappointing fuel efficiency. It is however suitable for buyers with restrained budget, as it is $24,590.



Whether you are commuting through the city or getting away from it all, the HR-V 2022 offers technology to help you make the most of your drive with available features like; Apple car play, integration and real time with intelligent control system. The HR-V interior was designed to accommodate, as it has plenty cargo space, a room for five and available leather trimmed seats. Honda HR-V 2022 is also known for its frugal four cylinder engine, a two way rear seat and a well built cabin.

The HR-V is currently the smallest vehicle in the Honda lineup but its novel magic seat second row folds flat to create a huge area that can accommodate large items that bigger crossovers might struggle to fit. The HR-V is not the cheapest or snazziest SUV but it’s a brilliant option for people who want a practical vehicle, especially pragmatists. It also has its setbacks, which are; its engine is slow, noisy and unrefined, as it will not satisfy your inner street racer. Again, its flinty ride quality and under power. Honda HR-V still stands as a choice to be made, as it is affordable and can be gotten for $22,645.


This is a budget friendly SUV. The Trax has a decent infotainment system. Looking at a Chovrolet Trax from the outside, no one will be of the opinion that it has much space. However, it is behind the times when it comes to its driving fun and safety features. Chevrolet Trax has been rated 4.5% out of 10, which is practically poor. It is decent for a go round town drive but can struggle at highway speeds. Considering that it is a small SUV, it has a super excellent fuel economy. It cost $22,000 as most times discounts can be given.



From the above examined SUVs that are cost effective, it is evident that SUVs though snazzy and attractive can also be affordable for a buyer with a low budget. On this note, it is important to know that “Our cars has a lot to say about us, so make the most of it in a cost efficient way”.


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