May 16, 2022

There’s nothing as satisfying as having one of the best quality lift trucks out there and not bothering about how much cargo you put into it when you so desire, knowing that it’d serve you effortlessly. Lift trucks come in different classifications to allow a dealer or buyer have varieties to select from. There are over classes and according to the truck’s components the class is known. Some lift trucks come with engines solely powered by diesel and they come with pneumatic tyres suitable for rough terrains.


Some lift trucks are electric hand riders accompanied with strong tyres. Also some lift trucks come with electric powered engines that tow rather than lift which some people prefer.

Class five lift trucks come with internal combustion engines, sit down rider forklifts and pneumatic tyres to complete the combo which can tread on all surfaces.
Most lift trucks make do with electric combustion because electric power over the years have proven to be more durable, both in speed and effectiveness.

Here are some of the best lift truck companies you can always trust to come through come rain or shine in the automobile market;


For good quality lift trucks, this company had made an 8.2% increase in worldwide revenue making the sales result of $7.173billion in it’s annual report. Some of the trucks they sold are;
● The Alarmy
● Tow truck
● Voltas
● Kion India
● Linde material handling truck
● Baoli lifting truck
● 1202
● Kion Forklift
● Poland
● Kion North America
● Ton Reach truck amongst others.


In 2019, Jungheinrich sold with a 7% increase from 121,000 units in 2018 to
112,900 in 2019. Still in 2019, Jungheinrich released several new models into the market like the new generation of EKS medium and high level order picker.

The lift truck has a 46 feet lifting capacity in speed going 1.6 feet per second. Jungheinrich also acquired a turnkey automation solution that expanded their digitalization portfolio in the automobile market. They also collaborated with Triathlon and Fricke group to venture into the area of lithium ion technology to bring forth the JT Energy System and to support the sale of spare parts independently and respectively.

Here are some of the trucks that pulled weight for Jungheinrich;

● Jungheinrich Reach truck
● Jungheinrich etg 214
● Jungheinrich efg
● Jungheinrich etv
● Pallet jack
● Counterbalance forklift
● IPG forklift.


The brand has always held the number one position in lift trucks for an extremely long
time. In 2019 it sold 282,000 units and also claimed a renamed hoist material handling. Later that year the company ushered in the Toyota industrial energy solutions, environmental support, alternative energy sources and battery, chargers , accessories, repairs and services.

The battery launched was a lithium ion battery with full options. Some of these trucks that made waves were

● The Lifted
● 1980’s
● Custom
● Off-road
● Jacked up
● Electric lift truck
● Toyota mid IC Pneumatic
● Toyota tonero HST LPG
● 3000lb Toyota propane
● 5000lb Toyota propane
● Electric Hilux et cetera.


Despite many unforeseen circumstances, this brand has remained heavily unshaken in the truck market. In 2019 they sold a unit of 103,000. The entire cooperation formed a holding company; Mitsubishi Logisnext America Inc for Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc.

This company began dealing with materials as parts and equipment which has now earned them over a hundred dealers covering over 700 locations across South, Central and North America. They represent Jungheinrich in North America and this has given them
access to numerous European models.

Here are some of the top lift trucks that sold out rapidly for Mitsubishi;

● Grendia
● Mitsubishi three wheel
● Mitsubishi propane
● Mitsubishi transmission
● Diesel Mitsubishi
● Mitsubishi forklift FG25.25
● Mitsubishi FB 16PNT-FB 20PN
● Dual Wheel
And many more, all forklifts with a difference!


Like the Mitsubishi, Hyundai has remained in the market for a really long time and
dealers have come to trust them wholistically from vehicle parts to services rendered. The brand sold 16,515 units in 2019.

The Hyundai Construction Equipment is recorded to be the first Korean-based company to come up with the driverless forklift trucks and the features brought their trucks to the limelight. The truck, according to the company, can be controlled with a routine control system with a 2D safety laser scanner that is able to detect nearby vehicles and obstacles preventing a collision.
These Hyundai models are to die for;

● Hyundai 160d 9l
● Hyundai 160d 7e
● Chakan forklift Hyundai
● 36,000 ibs Hyundai
● Hyuny pallet truck
● Hyundai 3.5 tonner
● Hyundai electric stand

Significantly these brands and their magnificent lift trucks have all in one specific way or the other gained the public’s trust and attention over a long period of time. This is the reason no one is utterly surprised to find out that these brand trucks ply the roads more frequently than any others. Dealers are steadily going for them because they’re promising and in the provision of services for persons with long term plans, they never fail.

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