May 16, 2022

Cars generally undergo transitions from time to time but the Mercedes SL has recorded a
tremendous amount of change over the years and even future changes are still to be recorded are mind blowing.
The Mercedes virgin model first came into existence in 1951 as a race car. It was first called The 300 super light before it was shortened to the popularly known SL. After WWII, it reintroduced the Mercedes-Benz into motor racing again.


The Mercedes with the release of its all-new eighth generation SL has given the general public a glimpse of what their brand new model, set to be released on 28th October 2022, will look like and here we’ll take a tour;


The new Mercedes SL is set to come with a V8 power and hybrid engine version with
open turbent air vents. The company has also provided a series of cylinder engine choices for dealers from six to eight and to twelve, with a mild-hybrid technology, with another choice of petrol-electric PHEV. Unlike the two models that precedes it, this model is slender and graceful. It has also abandoned a hard top roof and this time the soft top roof design is just breathtaking.

This model comes with an internal combustion and a plug-in electric drivetrain which makes use of a self-supporting structure and an aluminum space frame.
Everything about the Mercedes Benz SL has been made light and this is just amazing, the
company has chipped it in that driving the car would be almost equivalent to floating in the air because the beast would be an extremely light one. Its structure contains lightweight
magnesium and composites. The pop up rollover hoops and window frames are made from hot form tubular steels because these parts need to be fully loaded and strong to protect carriers.



This new inventory has made it 18% more rigid than the outgoing version making it 50% and 40% higher than the sporty AMG GT Roadster in transverse and longitudinal rigidity
respectively. This analysis means that the new Mercedes Benz SL’s chances of scuttling,
rattling, creaking and shaking has utterly reduced to the barest minimum. It will also enable the driver handle bumps better.


The Mercedes-Benz SL comes with a gigantic high-definition 12.3 inch digital cockpit
and an 11.9 inch adjustable infotainment screen housed by the thick chrome bezel . The Benz also comes with a 2+2 configuration and two smaller seats behind the huge chairs in the front, including a kids seat behind. The newly installed symmetrical instrument panel with lower and upper wing-like shape was said to have been an inspiration of the aviation world. There’s also air vents put at the top and bottom part of the dashboard and the control panel flows into the center console smoothly. The inside of the door is properly two-tone leathered.


The brand says the doors are “designed as a sensual layered topography” perhaps to give a dealer a detailed graphic representation of the amazing feature about to be acquired. The Burmeister stereo when acquired, the dealer gets the company’s trademark metal speaker covers.


Nothing beats the beauty the exteriors of this car comes with. The new model was
styled with a LED light and a chrome-accented grille which is made with aluminum and is mostly silver painted to give the nicest finishing touches.  The new rear spoiler in this model has been designed to function dually, at low speed it sits pretty, but once the vehicle goes above 50mph, it lifts to improve speed and maintain equilibrium. Also the Benz comes with a four-wheel steering.

image: pinterest

This enables the rear wheels at above 62mph to turn in a similar direction, however below
62mph they turn in opposite directions to stability. With this 4Matic+ feature, the Mercedes SL can drive through a nine-speed automatic gearbox . The Mercedes Benz SL shares this feature with the E63.


The Mercedes Benz SL is set to be released in SL 55 and SL 63 grades, with peak output respectively 469hp 516lb-ft and 577hp 590lb-ft. Hydraulic roll stabilization will be an available feature in the SL 55 and a standard feature in the SL 63.

Their fully automated three-layer roof will now only take about 15 seconds to maneuver on a 37mph speed. It’ll come in color variations such as hot red, silver or with specifications from the dealer. Their production is ongoing in Bremen and Germany.


The final testing of this Mercedes has been recorded to take place at Nurburgring and this
means that it is going to be the first ever sporty SL developed by the AMG Mercedes
performance wing.


All the magnificent changes and new features this model promises to
emerge with is just simply enough to keep one awake all night, awaiting it’s grandeur release. Dealers all wish this date will be pre-poned in order to acquire this machine earlier than dated because indeed the vehicle is worth every time spent waiting on its arrival. Wait for it!

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