May 16, 2022

Canada is one of the countries with the sleekest trucks and this is because of their extreme love for cars and trucks in particular, against all odds they record a purchase of over three hundred thousand (300,000) trucks, both full-size and midsize, and when the economy is good, even more.

When it comes to truck purchase and sales, Canadians make huge sales because in the US,
because dollar is higher and most dealers do not have difficulty getting high monetary value for the purchase of these automotive.

Here are some of the sleekest brands of trucks sold in Canada:

1. Ford F-150:

For over a decade,the Ford company has stood its ground refusing to pass down
the number one spot to any other company in car production. Generally, their trucks are just out of this world, one of the most galant full-size truck lines in the lead in Canada is the Ford F-150.

F-150 is not just the best-selling truck but overall the top best-selling vehicle even outside of Canada owning 7.5 percent of the whole automobile market. It’s model is unique and has never been remodeled, that’s just how perfect the truck is, no doubt it sells out quickly like magic, 75% of truck dealers just end up falling head over heels in love with the F-series and F-150 in particular.

Most people have dimmed it a must have for heavy duty and long distance travel and it has never been recorded that it didn’t live up to expectations.

2. Ford Ram P/U:

After the F-series, Ram P/U ran up first in the Canadian automobile market, this truck
was responsible for the rise in sales of the full-size pickup trucks in 2019 and since then it has stayed strong and consistent like never before owning about 7 percent of the entire automobile market.

It is well known alongside the old Ram referred to as the Classic which it was sold with. The strength of the Ram P/U over the years has proven unbeatable and in recent times, Ram’s market share in the full-size category has risen rapidly from 24 percent to 27 percent and is still rising owing to the addition of 12,000 new sales. Its color combo also has a way of constantly attracting buyers in thousands all over Canada.

3. Ford Ranger Raptor:

Recently this magnificent truck has proven to be a garage necessity with its powerful features and performance. It effortlessly dishes out elegance with its ultra-strength
frame and a gigantic bash plate. This truck was basically designed so that it is elevated way
farther above the ground to allow it to tread on any kind of road, in the desert, on a stoney or muddy road, you name it.

This feature is mostly not seen in other trucks. This sole reason makes truck dealers crazy over this particular truck because it doesn’t choose its road rather the road chooses it with no choice! Another amazing fact about the Ford Ranger Raptor is that it comes in different colors to suit the dealers’ preference.

It possesses a fuel tank guard to prevent explosions during a refill. The battery; 12V 80 AMP has a superb strength. Speaking of its durability, the air conditioning is a dual zone climate control, has a 230V power inverter, a locking glove box, an acoustic windshield, power rear windows with electro-chromatic rear view mirrors. The driver’s side roof is comfortably mounted with a grab handle. This truck is really a must have for truck dealers and lovers.

4. Toyota Tundra:

One unique thing about this truck is its constant annual improvement. Each year, a better version of the truck comes, mesmerizing dealers the more and leaving them no choice. Over the years it has earned four out of five ratings. Its i-FORCE 3.5L twin turbo V6
engine gives it just the energy it needs to power up the car efficiently and allow it perform well, it is a groundbreaking technology.

5. GMC Sierra:

One of the reasons this truck is selling out quickly like some hot cake is the extra
and larger cargo bed the remodeled version came with. Everyone likes to have a truck that’d contain all property well and still have extra space for the little extras. The truck’s engine is to die for.

6. Chevrolet Silverado:

It is stunning how this truck is remodeled each year bigger and yet lighter in duty and efficiency. The newest model now has a diesel engine that enables it to reach 33 PMG on and off-road. It comes in amazing different colors. Another reason truck dealers love
the Chevrolet Silverado is the comfortability the truck gives and also the new improved 6.2L V8 engine from formerly using a 2.7L Turbo. It comes with short or standard beds just to allow a buyer have and make different choices.

7. Nissan Frontier:

The Nissan Frontier is so unique and it is generally loved for it’s keyless entry
and push-button start feature. It is way easy for drivers. Asides those, the truck also has a
six-speaker, an 8-inch touch screen, Bluetooth, apple CarPlay, USB ports, satellite radio and a lot more. This truck has got to be one of the sleekest trucks sold in Canada.

Wrap Up

Over the years, Canada has proven to be a trustworthy and cost saving country where amazing trucks that’ll serve purpose effectively can be purchased even with closed eyes. These sleekest trucks and many more are readily available for pickup year in year out, in remodeled and stronger versions. Don’t sleep on them.

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