May 16, 2022

First of all, it’s important to ask, can United States drivers license be used to rent cars in Dubai? Yes, it can. The United States ranks among the list of Countries whose drivers licenses can be used to rent cars at Dubai.
It basically works this way, the United States Drivers license is allowed in Dubai. An American citizen with an American license can therefore automatically get to rent cars. However a resident with the American license can also rent cars, however this would be done after they complete the the theory and road tests.

Citizens from the United States therefore don’t need an International drivers license or UAE issued licenses which require attending a driving school or going through a series of tests. Drivers license from their home countries is therefore enough.

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Basically, the United States Drivers license would have to be converted to that of the UAE and would then be used. However, for people with American License who aren’t American citizens, they too can convert their licenses to that of the UAE so as to rent cars in Dubai. However, they need to pass the road as well as the theory tests.
It’s important to note that this is only so for people that don’t have a permanent residence in Dubai.

Generally, the documents required are:
– Valid passport
– Driving license from home country
– Entry stamp on passport for tourist visa.
– Visa or Mastercard credit card.

A valid passport is basically for identification purposes .
Driving license from home country in cases of countries like USA is also important. The original copy of it is usually required. Like was stated before, it can be used for rental services on Dubai.
Another important thing to note is that , the Drivers’ License must be at least a year old.
An entry stamp on the passport for tourist visa is a required document.
Also credit cards whether visa or Mastercard are basically the more common types accepted by the Dubai road authorities.

It’s also important to talk about the Security Deposit requirement. Once one decides to get a rental car, a certain amount of money is deducted from the account and is returned after a specified number of days, usually 15-29 days. Break any traffic rules, the fine is deducted from the amount.
Basically, for US citizens the process is quite easy. Rather than going through a cumbersome process of asking for an international driving license, they only have to get a driver’s license from their home country.

Basically, these requirements are for tourists and people that don’t have a residence that is more permanent. So, if one is resident in Dubai, to get a rental, then a locally issued driving license is needed to rent cars.
After that , the various lessons and tests are taken so as to get a driving license by enrolling in a driving school and taking those lessons outlined above. An RTA approved driving school is responsible for the training. If one fails, then seven more lessons are taken.
UAE approves countries whose Drivers Licenses are permitted in their countries. The rules governing these licenses vary among different emirates.
The United States citizens are allowed to use the drivers licenses issued by the United States to rent cars in Dubai.

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So, basically we have described the necessary documents needed to rent cars at Dubai.
The minimum age needed to rent a car is the age of 21.
One thing to note about the drivers license is that it isn’t permanent. So, basically it’s more tourist based. Like I have said before, it’s not a permanent permit, just temporary.
Rental services are always much preferable, especially for people that intend to travel a lot. Public transports don’t help much. So, basically knowing that one can use a drivers license from his or her country really reduces the stress of getting an international driving license or having to go through all those driving lessons.


One major fallback of the entire exercise, is the fact that individuals with a American license still have to go through the driving school simply because they might not be American citizens. It’s more like residents of the United States don’t have automatic access to renting cars by virtue of owning an American license.
It’s like a division of sorts between the both, which isn’t necessary in the first place, since the United States is given the permit to drive with their driving licenses.
What this means is that one might have to consider going through the training so as to rent a car and have a good experience.
It’s my opinion that the division between American citizens and residents be scrapped since they both have United States Drivers Licenses.
Apart from that, it’s generally ok.




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