May 16, 2022

Do you want to import a car from Dubai? Find routes and documents needed to drive from Dubai to your chosen city. As foreigners, most of us do this by returning goods. If you want to drive, for whatever reason, check the road and the necessary documentation to make sure your feet get to the desired location without any damage.

Required documents

The first step in driving is to cancel the car registration. You must contact the Road and Traffic Administration (RTA) and submit all necessary documents, cancel the registration and obtain an export certificate. Documents required for this include: Passport registration card (first) Passport and Emirates ID (first and duplicate) Passport for issuing the passport of the recipient of the vehicle and the last place of the license.


Please note, if the car is not registered, you will need to take an export test of the vehicle at registered RTA testing centers. They will check the chassis number on the car body against the number on the engine to make sure it matches and will charge for conducting the test. If your car is not registered under your name, but under the name of your company, you must also submit a company commercial license. If the car was purchased through a car loan, you will also need to provide a mortgage waiver letter. This is a letter given to you by the bank after you have settled the outstanding loan amount.

After you cancel the registration of your car

After you have all the necessary documents at hand, visit the RTA and bring the license plates of your car. Hand it over to the competent department and pay any unpaid fines you have on your car. Your car registration will now be canceled and you will receive an Export Certificate. With the export certificate you have the option to get temporary export plates for your car. You can use it to legally drive through the UAE for 15 days, giving you time to complete the rest of the shipping process. The price of a certificate with tables is 90 AED, and without tables 20 AED.


Drop out of your car After canceling your registration, find a freight forwarding agent who will take care of any paperwork and ways to take it out of Dubai customs. Remember that you must pay the freight forwarder and any other custom fees or taxes charged when the vehicle arrives at the destination. So, make sure you know all the policies and charges of the country you will be working on before exporting your car.

There are different shipping companies one can use to export cars from Dubai.
Like aeon shipping company, Shipnest.

Aeon Shipping Company

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Shipnest Shipping Company

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The cost of importing cars from Dubai varies, it depends on the location the car is going.

Like if you want to import a car from Dubai to USA
Importing a car from Dubai to the US starts at $2750 with an estimated time of 20-35 days, depending on the make and model of the car, the nearest port of departure in Dubai and whether the US destination is on the East or West Coast.


If you want to import a car from dubai to your country, the above mentioned steps and procedures should be considered and taken.

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