May 16, 2022

Truck mounted cranes are one of the most beautiful machinery in the world because of the amazing jobs they do, this is a non-debatable fact. Without the mobile cranes we all would have an extremely hard time transferring goods from one place to another. However, in self-propelling motions, with swift movements and within a twinkle of an eye the crane gets that work done for us.


Here are some mind-blowing cranes you probably haven’t heard about or seen;

Deck Crane:

The Deck Crane is not used on land, it’s on ships alongside boats. When there is
no unloading equipment available, the deck Crane does the magic, it is wide with two double handles and thick strings just above the handles to aid hold the goods firmly in place.


The Hammerhead is also known as Cantilever. It is designed to look like an inverted ‘L’. This crane is like a fixed-jib that has a horizontal tower situated right above it which helps to support the weight, it goes in racking, lifting and revolving motions. It can weigh over
350 tons, this gives a user an idea of how much load to impose on it to prevent damage.


When you think of skyscrapers, mountains or anything as high as possible then you
think of Tower cranes. They have the same parts, one mounted vertically on a concrete slab, and the other placed horizontally on top of it, it’s mainly used to move materials to high places and in the construction of high buildings. A combination of making objects moving possible. These parts are the mast (the skeleton of the crane), jib ( which has two parts, luffing and fixed for moving cargo up and down then horizontally respectively), counter jib ( which holds the counter weight) ,slewing unit (it sits atop the mast and enables the crane rotate).

Climbing Crane:

Introduced by Enercon and Lagerwey Wind, this crane does the climbing for tower builders and saves them the stress.

Truck Mounted Crane:

This crane is an extremely strong and flexible tool also called truck mounted mobile crane.It is as the name suggests mounted on a truck with heavy wheels to support it adequately in order to effectively move materials. These cranes and a whole lot more are the types of Cranes we have and use to make work easier for everyone. However there are amazing facts about truck mounted cranes you need to know.


Despite the fact that all cranes are durable, the ones mounted on trucks are easy to
use. For example the Side Lifter Cranes. With their parallel parts they hoist containers in
seconds and are already on the trip again to drop and repeat. The stress of having to maneuver different parts to get a cargo lifted isn’t experienced with truck mounted cranes.

Saves time:

Owing to the fact that truck mounted cranes are mostly used for road trips, it saves
everyone time because if it is outside of the road, there are procedures and authorizations to be taken and given respectively in order to allow cranes mounted in some vicinities. The
authorization obtained with truck mounted cranes is nothing compared to a non-truck mounted crane.


A truck mounted crane takes up less space because it’s already attached to the vehicle
both while on a trip and while it’s been used.

Low cost:

Unlike the other types of cranes that require a long time set up, foundation
construction and all which will entail a lot of money, the truck mounted cranes do not cost much. It only takes a few knots here and there to get it fixed in and ready to be used.

Saves time and energy:

Building the foundation of a crane is one thing, building the crane itself is a whole new different thing. It takes months and most times years (depending on the
type of crane) to see to the completion of the building of a crane. The time put in using a truck mounted crane would do more for its users. Asides time, the manpower that will be put into the building and daily checking of the crane can be exhausting. Most times, climate or an error can halt the construction of a crane or ruin it. These worries are not encountered with a truck mounted crane.


This is another interesting fact about the truck mounted cranes. They can be taken
from one environment on site to another or even from one site to another. When a crane is built and situated on a spot it is extremely difficult to multitask with such a crane.
Just as it is said in George Orwell’s Animal Farm that all animals are equal but some are more equal that the others so is the truck mounted cranes. Its advantages sky rocket above the others and most constructors and engineers find them extremely More useful and so are they.


The crane has a lot of interesting facts and most engineers have put in more effort into
mastering the act of its usage. Asides the fact that cranes can move just about anything in this world, another intriguing fact about the crane is in its types. The numerous variations we see each year is only a testament of its importance to humankind.

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