May 16, 2022

In Dubai, there are various 7 seaters which are seen used by people for various reasons. This makes them the perfect family car, especially for people who like to travel regularly. In addition, being able to comfortably and safely transport passengers from their destinations. This has caused market demand for a spacious 7-seat cars. When you have a large family, especially young children, your life is pragmatic.


Here we will discuss the top five seven-seaters in the beautiful city of Dubai.

Toyota Land Cruiser


Land Cruiser has proven itself to be the most reliable SUV in the world. It has become an indispensable part of people’s lives in almost every corner of the world. The style and sophistication of this Land Cruiser match its ruggedness and off-road capability, making it the ultimate SUV in the UAE. It has a good-looking appearance, can seat seven people, is an off-road spectacle, and has low fuel consumption. Land Cruiser engines range from 4.0L -6 cylinders, 271 bhp horsepower, 381 torque and 6-speed automatic transmission to 5.7L – 8 cylinder beast. Land Cruiser starts at AED 129,900

Mitsubishi Pajero


However, this is obvious, Mitsubishi Pajero can be seen everywhere in the UAE, and this is for good reason. It may not be the last luxury and sophistication in the world, but it is spacious, well-equipped, and has good off-road performance. Mitsubishi Pajero began to carry a 3.5-liter V6 engine with a 5-speed automatic transmission, 184 horsepower and 306 torque. The starting price of Mitsubishi Pajero is 96,900 AED. There is nothing as refreshing as finding a good 1.6-litre petrol engine that will stand as tall as and further delivers as much oomph as an equivalent diesel engine. Some of these 7 seaters can still manage close to 40mpg with an automatic gearbox in real-world conditions which is quite impressive for a car of their size.

Nissan Patrol


Nissan Patrol is a classic case of a popular off-road SUV transforming itself into a luxury car, which is also driven in the city by a large family. Nissan Patrol has always been the first choice for off-road enthusiasts in the UAE, for obvious reasons including its reliability, variable engine size from 4.0 to 5.6 and an attractive price range. The Nissan patrol car is a vehicle that dominates any terrain. Nissan Patrol is equipped with a 5.6-liter V8 engine and used in conjunction with Nissan’s hydraulic body motion control adaptive suspension system. Nissan Patrol specifications start with 400 Bhp horsepower, 560 Nm torque and a 7-speed automatic transmission. The starting price is AED 199,900.

Chevrolet Tahoes

another one of the 7 seaters which can be seen in dubai is the Chevrolet Tahoes, this car Provides bold styling, advanced safety and entertainment technology, and the perfect combination of high-end comfort and powerful functions, which are easy to see. The exterior has been completely redesigned and technically improved, including a stronger frame. Engine 5.3 V8, 355 horsepower, 519 torque. The starting price is AED 184,900.
Ford Expedition
Ford Expedition is at the top of the ranking of large SUVs. It has a powerful turbocharged engine, smooth driving, spacious and elegant interior space, excellent towing capacity and fuel economy. Ford Expedition has a 3.5 Eco Boast turbocharged V6 engine with 375 horsepower and 640 torque. Ford Expedition is the best seven-seater SUV in the UAE. The starting price is AED 215,000.

Kia Sorento


One thing about every car mentioned here aside it’s 7 seater nature is it’s luxurious durability and Kia Sorento stand out in this as it is renowned for its reliability. Aside the fact that it’s owners gave it a score of 95% during the reliability survey,it also comes with seven-year warranty offering it owner a great peace of mind.
The descriptive nature of Kia is that there is a spacious cabin with a good-size comfortable rearmost seats which can serve as enough space for children on a long journey and adults on shorter trips as the need may rises.
Peugeot 5008

This is another distinguished seven seater SUV as it allows the owner to stand out of the SUV crowd. When using this 7 seaters and you are in dubai or when planning of getting a 7 seater, taking a look at the Peugeot 5008 isn’t a bad choice. The 5008 is often said to personally look distinctive inside and out and be able to stand out without being too wacky and at the same time provide a very decent seven-seat practicality.
The only issue with the 5008 is simply that under the surface, one cannot expect they four-wheel drive package or any real off-road credentials like being be particularly good on mud or snow, but the car’s road manners and designs or features are done in a way that becomes well suited to maximising comfort for the family on everyday roads drives. The 5008 ensures that it’s suspension gives a supple ride therefore smoothing out poorly surfaced roads and further ensuring that the road holding is stable if not as responsive as other 7 seaters.

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