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There’s nothing as satisfying as having one of the best quality lift trucks out there and not bothering about how much cargo you put into it when you so desire, knowing that it’d serve you effortlessly. Lift trucks come in different classifications to allow a dealer or buyer have varieties to select from. There are over classes and according to the truck’s components the class is known. Some lift trucks come with engines solely powered by diesel and they come with pneumatic tyres suitable for rough terrains.


Some lift trucks are electric hand riders accompanied with strong tyres. Also some lift trucks come with electric powered engines that tow rather than lift which some people prefer.

Class five lift trucks come with internal combustion engines, sit down rider forklifts and pneumatic tyres to complete the combo which can tread on all surfaces.
Most lift trucks make do with electric combustion because electric power over the years have proven to be more durable, both in speed and effectiveness.

Here are some of the best lift truck companies you can always trust to come through come rain or shine in the automobile market;


For good quality lift trucks, this company had made an 8.2% increase in worldwide revenue making the sales result of $7.173billion in it’s annual report. Some of the trucks they sold are;
● The Alarmy
● Tow truck
● Voltas
● Kion India
● Linde material handling truck
● Baoli lifting truck
● 1202
● Kion Forklift
● Poland
● Kion North America
● Ton Reach truck amongst others.


In 2019, Jungheinrich sold with a 7% increase from 121,000 units in 2018 to
112,900 in 2019. Still in 2019, Jungheinrich released several new models into the market like the new generation of EKS medium and high level order picker.

The lift truck has a 46 feet lifting capacity in speed going 1.6 feet per second. Jungheinrich also acquired a turnkey automation solution that expanded their digitalization portfolio in the automobile market. They also collaborated with Triathlon and Fricke group to venture into the area of lithium ion technology to bring forth the JT Energy System and to support the sale of spare parts independently and respectively.

Here are some of the trucks that pulled weight for Jungheinrich;

● Jungheinrich Reach truck
● Jungheinrich etg 214
● Jungheinrich efg
● Jungheinrich etv
● Pallet jack
● Counterbalance forklift
● IPG forklift.


The brand has always held the number one position in lift trucks for an extremely long
time. In 2019 it sold 282,000 units and also claimed a renamed hoist material handling. Later that year the company ushered in the Toyota industrial energy solutions, environmental support, alternative energy sources and battery, chargers , accessories, repairs and services.

The battery launched was a lithium ion battery with full options. Some of these trucks that made waves were

● The Lifted
● 1980’s
● Custom
● Off-road
● Jacked up
● Electric lift truck
● Toyota mid IC Pneumatic
● Toyota tonero HST LPG
● 3000lb Toyota propane
● 5000lb Toyota propane
● Electric Hilux et cetera.


Despite many unforeseen circumstances, this brand has remained heavily unshaken in the truck market. In 2019 they sold a unit of 103,000. The entire cooperation formed a holding company; Mitsubishi Logisnext America Inc for Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc.

This company began dealing with materials as parts and equipment which has now earned them over a hundred dealers covering over 700 locations across South, Central and North America. They represent Jungheinrich in North America and this has given them
access to numerous European models.

Here are some of the top lift trucks that sold out rapidly for Mitsubishi;

● Grendia
● Mitsubishi three wheel
● Mitsubishi propane
● Mitsubishi transmission
● Diesel Mitsubishi
● Mitsubishi forklift FG25.25
● Mitsubishi FB 16PNT-FB 20PN
● Dual Wheel
And many more, all forklifts with a difference!


Like the Mitsubishi, Hyundai has remained in the market for a really long time and
dealers have come to trust them wholistically from vehicle parts to services rendered. The brand sold 16,515 units in 2019.

The Hyundai Construction Equipment is recorded to be the first Korean-based company to come up with the driverless forklift trucks and the features brought their trucks to the limelight. The truck, according to the company, can be controlled with a routine control system with a 2D safety laser scanner that is able to detect nearby vehicles and obstacles preventing a collision.
These Hyundai models are to die for;

● Hyundai 160d 9l
● Hyundai 160d 7e
● Chakan forklift Hyundai
● 36,000 ibs Hyundai
● Hyuny pallet truck
● Hyundai 3.5 tonner
● Hyundai electric stand

Significantly these brands and their magnificent lift trucks have all in one specific way or the other gained the public’s trust and attention over a long period of time. This is the reason no one is utterly surprised to find out that these brand trucks ply the roads more frequently than any others. Dealers are steadily going for them because they’re promising and in the provision of services for persons with long term plans, they never fail.



In trying to make a proper analysis of trucks under $20000, we should make it note worthy that we all, both car dealers and buyers, face car challenges at some point in different dimensions. It could be the best brand to purchase, it could also be about the various parts of a vehicle. Dealers or buyers may also have issues with slow service and lack of transparency from sellers and also pricing among a lot of other issues. This article will solve two of your issues, if only they are issues with pricing and good brands to purchase.


If your budget for a nice truck is nothing more that $20,000 then check out these trucks;

2015 Toyota Tundra:

This truck has gotten as high as a 4.7 out of a 5.0 in reviews, this is a perfect rating for one of the trucks seen below  $20000 and it has sold as much. This version came with a new TRD pro series and has two engines available for it, the 310 horse-power V8 which can hold up to 4.6 liters and the 385 horse-power which can hold about 5.7 liters and both have a standard six-speed automatic transmission.

The exteriors are amazing, only the bright orange color will get a dealer falling heads over heels in love at fight sight. Its tires are all-terrain and can ply any route effortlessly, and because of this, it was given a four-star safety rating.

The 2015 Toyota Tundra has two wheelbases with three bed lengths to provide flexibility. When a crash-test was conducted on it by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it scored a five star showing that it has the capability to reduce casualties in case of an accident.

2015 Toyota Tacoma:

This truck is a fire vehicle with mind-blowing features that attract dealers to it every single year. The truck uses both annual and automatic transmission. Both it’s externals and internals are to die for. In its interiors, there’s air conditioning, the steering wheel is readily wrapped in original leather and it can tilt if the driver wishes it so.

The seats are made of nice fabric upholstery and can comfortably hold up to five people at once. In the exteriors, the cargo bed is covered with a dent-resistant inner liner. Its engine has a skid plate and the tyres are all-terrain configured. This model also comes with a TRD exhaust system. The manufacturers of this truck deemed it fit to include some safety features like airbags, anti lock brakes, active front head resistant and backup camera that’d give the passengers peace of mind.

2014 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD:

Time test has proven that with proper maintenance the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD which can be seen as one of the trucks under $20000 can go 200,000 to 300,000 miles or more providing its user 10-20 years of trustworthy service.

The truck runs with a 6.0L V-8 engine which produces 360 horse-power to drive its six-speed automatic transmission and has a rear-wheel drive type. It is available in different bed sizes, cab sizes and wheel types.It has a rear back-up camera, USB
and bluetooth connectivity, satellite radio and a navigation system. The most significant featuresthat endear this truck to buyers is its stability control and trailer sway control system.

2015 Ram 1500:

This machine ranked #4 according to its score in the 2015 full size pickup
truck category and emerged winner of the 2015 Best Full Size truck for the Money Award. The truck provides 395 horse-power with it’s 5.7liter HEMI V-8 fuel saving engine. Its new model came with a rebel trim with extra ground clearance, off-road tires and six seaters capacity.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rated this truck a four out of five-star rating for frontal crash test and a five out of five stars for side crash test. The truck has a standard navigation system, USB port, Bluetooth, satellite radio and a special Uconnect system which is extremely user friendly.

2014 Honda Ridgeline:

This power truck is given in five trim levels, RTS, RTL, RT and Special Edition.The Honda Ridgeline has a 115-volt power outlet, a Bluetooth and a navigation system, audio controls and its steering is leather clad. The truck was given the top crash rating of ‘good’ by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Also from J.D power, the truck was given a reliability score of five out of five- star rating.

2015 Ford- F 250:

One of the trucks under $20000 that will intrigue you is the 2015 Ford-F 250 is notable worldwide because of its strong towing and
payload abilities. Most people call it the ‘cargo hauler’. Its new revised engine gives an output of 440 horsepower which is way above average for normal trucks. It also allows for a five trim level selection in base XL, Middle level XLT, upscale Lariat, Luxury King Ranch and Platinum. The truck received an overall four out of a five-star rating from the government in a crash test therefore the safety of its passengers is guaranteed.

Over time, these trucks have proven to be greatly durable on all spheres. Definitely your
problem of cash available and good brands have been fixed. Go for it!



Cars generally undergo transitions from time to time but the Mercedes SL has recorded a
tremendous amount of change over the years and even future changes are still to be recorded are mind blowing.
The Mercedes virgin model first came into existence in 1951 as a race car. It was first called The 300 super light before it was shortened to the popularly known SL. After WWII, it reintroduced the Mercedes-Benz into motor racing again.


The Mercedes with the release of its all-new eighth generation SL has given the general public a glimpse of what their brand new model, set to be released on 28th October 2022, will look like and here we’ll take a tour;


The new Mercedes SL is set to come with a V8 power and hybrid engine version with
open turbent air vents. The company has also provided a series of cylinder engine choices for dealers from six to eight and to twelve, with a mild-hybrid technology, with another choice of petrol-electric PHEV. Unlike the two models that precedes it, this model is slender and graceful. It has also abandoned a hard top roof and this time the soft top roof design is just breathtaking.

This model comes with an internal combustion and a plug-in electric drivetrain which makes use of a self-supporting structure and an aluminum space frame.
Everything about the Mercedes Benz SL has been made light and this is just amazing, the
company has chipped it in that driving the car would be almost equivalent to floating in the air because the beast would be an extremely light one. Its structure contains lightweight
magnesium and composites. The pop up rollover hoops and window frames are made from hot form tubular steels because these parts need to be fully loaded and strong to protect carriers.



This new inventory has made it 18% more rigid than the outgoing version making it 50% and 40% higher than the sporty AMG GT Roadster in transverse and longitudinal rigidity
respectively. This analysis means that the new Mercedes Benz SL’s chances of scuttling,
rattling, creaking and shaking has utterly reduced to the barest minimum. It will also enable the driver handle bumps better.


The Mercedes-Benz SL comes with a gigantic high-definition 12.3 inch digital cockpit
and an 11.9 inch adjustable infotainment screen housed by the thick chrome bezel . The Benz also comes with a 2+2 configuration and two smaller seats behind the huge chairs in the front, including a kids seat behind. The newly installed symmetrical instrument panel with lower and upper wing-like shape was said to have been an inspiration of the aviation world. There’s also air vents put at the top and bottom part of the dashboard and the control panel flows into the center console smoothly. The inside of the door is properly two-tone leathered.


The brand says the doors are “designed as a sensual layered topography” perhaps to give a dealer a detailed graphic representation of the amazing feature about to be acquired. The Burmeister stereo when acquired, the dealer gets the company’s trademark metal speaker covers.


Nothing beats the beauty the exteriors of this car comes with. The new model was
styled with a LED light and a chrome-accented grille which is made with aluminum and is mostly silver painted to give the nicest finishing touches.  The new rear spoiler in this model has been designed to function dually, at low speed it sits pretty, but once the vehicle goes above 50mph, it lifts to improve speed and maintain equilibrium. Also the Benz comes with a four-wheel steering.

image: pinterest

This enables the rear wheels at above 62mph to turn in a similar direction, however below
62mph they turn in opposite directions to stability. With this 4Matic+ feature, the Mercedes SL can drive through a nine-speed automatic gearbox . The Mercedes Benz SL shares this feature with the E63.


The Mercedes Benz SL is set to be released in SL 55 and SL 63 grades, with peak output respectively 469hp 516lb-ft and 577hp 590lb-ft. Hydraulic roll stabilization will be an available feature in the SL 55 and a standard feature in the SL 63.

Their fully automated three-layer roof will now only take about 15 seconds to maneuver on a 37mph speed. It’ll come in color variations such as hot red, silver or with specifications from the dealer. Their production is ongoing in Bremen and Germany.


The final testing of this Mercedes has been recorded to take place at Nurburgring and this
means that it is going to be the first ever sporty SL developed by the AMG Mercedes
performance wing.


All the magnificent changes and new features this model promises to
emerge with is just simply enough to keep one awake all night, awaiting it’s grandeur release. Dealers all wish this date will be pre-poned in order to acquire this machine earlier than dated because indeed the vehicle is worth every time spent waiting on its arrival. Wait for it!

If you want to know what the 2022 Mercedes GLE will look like, click here



Over time,the Mercedes-Benz GLE has built for itself a trademark of excellence that can not be wiped off from the history of exotic and durable cars. The Mercedes-Benz GLE was formerly a Mercedes-Benz M-Class SUV manufactured by the German Mercedes-Benz automakers since 1997.



The United States also has a Mercedes-Benz production company in Alabama and Tuscaloosa with over almost four thousand employees producing the GLE, GLS, GLE Coupe and C-Class. The company began in 1995. This is to show that the vehicles’ production has always been massive from the very beginning and is not going anywhere anytime soon in the automobile market. The current Mercedes-Benz GLE coupe was released in 2019 and before dealers got over it a new release was already in the news.


According to the JESMB report, the new facelift Mercedes-Benz GLE is set to be released
at the end of 2022 as the market is still keeping ears on ground to get the exact date before 2021 runs out.
This new release comes with a lot of new innovations that will blow minds away. It has for the first time in the history of the Mercedes-Benz, a 4Matic AWD system.


The Mercedes-Benz GLE has a well built seat structure in its first and second row(
which provides an extremely comfortable 33.3 cubic feet space), even though the third row
does not give room for much space it raised the vehicle’s seating capacity to seven, and the synthetic upholstery leather used to build the seats are topnotch. The manufacturers built LATCH connectors that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rated ‘good’ for its efficient and easy use, used to install the child safety seats in the second row and for the third seat, a tether anchor.

The vehicle gives enough room for cargo, it has 74.9 cubic feet of space for cargo. It also will come with an infotainment system and a pair of gigantic screens located above the dashboards and also air vents. The vehicle gives room also for a front and rear cup holder and an ashtray. The front seats are massaging seats. Imagine the delight that comes with being massaged as you drive or relax.

The vehicle also will come with a power fuel flap locking type and a voice recognition system that’ll enable the driver to give the car commands in an inconvenient situation. The
Mercedes-Benz GLE’s grand features also include; a panoramic sunroof, five USB ports,
Bluetooth, satellite radio, push-button start, keyless entry, HD radio, Android auto, Apple
CarPlay, 12.3 inch digital gauge cluster, wireless device charging, dual-zone automatic climate control, rear sun-shades, a cabin air fragrance system, surround view camera system, Burmester 25 and 13 speaker stereos.

This car also comes with an Illuminated entry and panic button, driver foot rest, daylight auto-dimming rear view mirror, permanent locking hubs, sport steering wheel, navigation, backup camera,airbag occupancy sensor, driver monitoring alert and a 12.3 inch touch-screen.


Prior to seeing the magnificent interiors of this car, the exteriors will already do the
magic. The available colors of the new model will blow your mind with the varieties available.
The new Mercedes-Benz GLE comes with a finely A-shaped framed grille and stardust mesh. Its hood is defined and the cabin is tall, so even without looking inside you’re confident it will contain a lot of cargo. The Mercedes-Benz GLE also will come with two bold headlights brandishing LED light ribbons. For this model three powertrains are available, for the highest range, a turbocharged V8 483 horsepower engine. For the mid range, a Turbo V6 engine producing 362 horsepower and for the lowest range, a turbocharged four-cylinder powertrain generating 255 horsepower.

Some other distinguishing exteriors of the Mercedes-Benz GLE include;

Aluminum side windows trim, black front windshield trim, deep tinted glass, speed
sensitive rain detecting fixed interval wiper, power liftgate rear cargo access, rear fog lamp,
perimeter lights, 2 LCD monitors, blind spot assist, spare wheel, all season tires, clear coat
paints, auto on/off projector beam Led, urethane gear shifter material and many other features!

mercedes GLE

The already existing GLE models served real good but the incoming Mercedes-Benz GLE is entering with newer and better improvements. The infotainment system is way better and this new model provides more seat space and a sharper handler. Suspension problems for this new model will be a thing of the past because of its replacement with a better engine for proper road shock absorbing.

new center control options have also been introduced
alongside new paint options. Over all generations of the Mercedes-Benz, this model is recorded the most awaited because of the exquisite features it possesses and it’s no surprise the waves it is already making prior to its arrival.


As pleasing as it sounds the manufacturers of this amazing beast seem to understand the plight of the waiting market and according to them are willing to offer a test drive and also answer all questions based on the new model in Fort Mitchell, KY. This is all we have been waiting for and the automobile market owe this company one!



Canada is one of the countries with the sleekest trucks and this is because of their extreme love for cars and trucks in particular, against all odds they record a purchase of over three hundred thousand (300,000) trucks, both full-size and midsize, and when the economy is good, even more.

When it comes to truck purchase and sales, Canadians make huge sales because in the US,
because dollar is higher and most dealers do not have difficulty getting high monetary value for the purchase of these automotive.

Here are some of the sleekest brands of trucks sold in Canada:

1. Ford F-150:

For over a decade,the Ford company has stood its ground refusing to pass down
the number one spot to any other company in car production. Generally, their trucks are just out of this world, one of the most galant full-size truck lines in the lead in Canada is the Ford F-150.

F-150 is not just the best-selling truck but overall the top best-selling vehicle even outside of Canada owning 7.5 percent of the whole automobile market. It’s model is unique and has never been remodeled, that’s just how perfect the truck is, no doubt it sells out quickly like magic, 75% of truck dealers just end up falling head over heels in love with the F-series and F-150 in particular.

Most people have dimmed it a must have for heavy duty and long distance travel and it has never been recorded that it didn’t live up to expectations.

2. Ford Ram P/U:

After the F-series, Ram P/U ran up first in the Canadian automobile market, this truck
was responsible for the rise in sales of the full-size pickup trucks in 2019 and since then it has stayed strong and consistent like never before owning about 7 percent of the entire automobile market.

It is well known alongside the old Ram referred to as the Classic which it was sold with. The strength of the Ram P/U over the years has proven unbeatable and in recent times, Ram’s market share in the full-size category has risen rapidly from 24 percent to 27 percent and is still rising owing to the addition of 12,000 new sales. Its color combo also has a way of constantly attracting buyers in thousands all over Canada.

3. Ford Ranger Raptor:

Recently this magnificent truck has proven to be a garage necessity with its powerful features and performance. It effortlessly dishes out elegance with its ultra-strength
frame and a gigantic bash plate. This truck was basically designed so that it is elevated way
farther above the ground to allow it to tread on any kind of road, in the desert, on a stoney or muddy road, you name it.

This feature is mostly not seen in other trucks. This sole reason makes truck dealers crazy over this particular truck because it doesn’t choose its road rather the road chooses it with no choice! Another amazing fact about the Ford Ranger Raptor is that it comes in different colors to suit the dealers’ preference.

It possesses a fuel tank guard to prevent explosions during a refill. The battery; 12V 80 AMP has a superb strength. Speaking of its durability, the air conditioning is a dual zone climate control, has a 230V power inverter, a locking glove box, an acoustic windshield, power rear windows with electro-chromatic rear view mirrors. The driver’s side roof is comfortably mounted with a grab handle. This truck is really a must have for truck dealers and lovers.

4. Toyota Tundra:

One unique thing about this truck is its constant annual improvement. Each year, a better version of the truck comes, mesmerizing dealers the more and leaving them no choice. Over the years it has earned four out of five ratings. Its i-FORCE 3.5L twin turbo V6
engine gives it just the energy it needs to power up the car efficiently and allow it perform well, it is a groundbreaking technology.

5. GMC Sierra:

One of the reasons this truck is selling out quickly like some hot cake is the extra
and larger cargo bed the remodeled version came with. Everyone likes to have a truck that’d contain all property well and still have extra space for the little extras. The truck’s engine is to die for.

6. Chevrolet Silverado:

It is stunning how this truck is remodeled each year bigger and yet lighter in duty and efficiency. The newest model now has a diesel engine that enables it to reach 33 PMG on and off-road. It comes in amazing different colors. Another reason truck dealers love
the Chevrolet Silverado is the comfortability the truck gives and also the new improved 6.2L V8 engine from formerly using a 2.7L Turbo. It comes with short or standard beds just to allow a buyer have and make different choices.

7. Nissan Frontier:

The Nissan Frontier is so unique and it is generally loved for it’s keyless entry
and push-button start feature. It is way easy for drivers. Asides those, the truck also has a
six-speaker, an 8-inch touch screen, Bluetooth, apple CarPlay, USB ports, satellite radio and a lot more. This truck has got to be one of the sleekest trucks sold in Canada.

Wrap Up

Over the years, Canada has proven to be a trustworthy and cost saving country where amazing trucks that’ll serve purpose effectively can be purchased even with closed eyes. These sleekest trucks and many more are readily available for pickup year in year out, in remodeled and stronger versions. Don’t sleep on them.



“It is not a cliché that sometimes you get the worst resale value for your trucks or your car as it depreciates, but a car can still be valuable for resale or a trade in.” Most of the times a buyer can purchase a truck having in mind that he will keep it for his personal use for a very long period of time, while other times, he can purchase a truck with the mindset that it will still be valuable for a resale to obtain the new one/model when it comes out.


It is however unfortunate that not all trucks, can remain valuable for a trade in or resale, it is therefore advisable to avoid used truck options that has the worst depreciating nature. Trucks that depreciate easily and fast will have little or no value for a trade in, or resale along the line. On this note, we have brought to you,

The top 5 trucks that have the worst resale value, they are;
1. FORD F-150:

No doubt, this pickup truck is a hotcake, the most sold vehicle and a tempting pickup truck to acquire. However, Ford F-150 has a high depreciation rate; it is easy and fast to depreciate. Research has it that despite being the best selling truck and the truck with high demand rate that its depreciation rate is about 46.9% and this is very alarming as it is almost the national depreciation average for trucks, which is 49.6%.

It is no story that the Ford auto industry produces tempting newest hotter models and people are drawn to make purchases, but it does not take time too and the value of the pickup truck begins to drop. According to research, the high rate of demand of this pickup truck dropped, when Ford switched from steel to aluminum bodies to decrease weight and increase efficiency. Despite being a hotcake, its depreciating rating is alarming.


According to research, Nissan titan held its value well until 2014. This is another large truck that has failed to hold its value as its depreciation rate is on the increase. Its average depreciation value over five years is 45.9%. Nissan titan is a pickup truck that has low level demand in the auto market, compared to Ford F-150.

However, the Nissan auto industry has continued to make surplus of production and supply of this pickup truck which has a low level of demand, thereby making its value one of the worst in the auto market. This pickup truck has nothing much going on for it.

This is because, not only that its depreciation rate is over average, it also has a disappointing predicted reliability rate according to consumer reports. Thus, if you are thinking of getting a Nissan Titan, with the hope of a mouth watering resale value, then you should reconsider.


Chevrolet Silverado is a pickup truck known for its great looks, which makes it easy for buyers to think at first glance that it is a great pickup truck. Chevy has great towing capabilities, as it can tow up to 13,300 pounds, with diverse engines.

These features are remarkable but unfortunately Chevy is one of the pickup trucks with the worst resale value, as it cannot hold up its value for a long period of time. According to research, Chevy has a depreciation rate of 45.2% for a period of five years, which is on the high side.

According to Isee cars report, the average depreciation rate for light duty pickup trucks for a period of five years is 44.1% and from all indications the Chevrolet Silverado exceeds this average in its depreciation rate. Thus despite being a great truck with the looks, its depreciation rate is above average.


This pickup truck is considered a luxury truck and luxurious vehicles are known for faster depreciation rate. The GMC Sierra has a depreciation average rate of 46.1% for a period of five years according to the Isee cars report.

Thus if you are a stickler or sucker for resale value, then do well to avoid the GMC Sierra. The GMC Sierra, despite being a luxurious car and a luxury to own, its depreciation rate is high and not something to be proud of. Not only that, it also has a struggling predicted reliability.

According to consumer reports, the GMC Sierra is known for a disappointing and struggling predicted reliability which puts in a position of a pickup truck to avoid while considering the list of pickup trucks to purchase.

5. RAM 1500:


The honour and award of the truck with the worst and highest depreciation rate goes to the RAM 1500 as it has the depreciation rate of 49.3% for the period of five years according to Isee cars report. Despite having a smoking redesign in its car production and its beautiful features, the pickup truck is extremely disappointing when it comes to maintaining its value rate.

Its depreciation rate is totally above average which proves that this pickup truck will have little or no resale value within the period of five years. Thus for buyers that look forward to a trade in along the line, they should totally avoid RAM 1500 as a pickup truck.


With these evaluations, as a buyer you must see the need to stay clear of pickup trucks that have higher than average depreciating rate as this pickup truck will yield little or nothing in the near future.



Getting the best trucks under $15000 may get a bit tricky, at some point you even get in that tight corner of indecision, what truck would I buy with this amount of money? Where do I buy it? What company sells the best of them? Oftentimes price is always a huge barrier between us and our dream trucks. This situation is usually caused by two major factors; not having up to the specific amount one has at hand and not knowing exactly where to look for the best trucks with that specific amount.


If your budget is below $15000, your problem is solved,come take a look at these;

1. Toyota Tacoma:

This truck is amazingly special with it’s super V6 engine that drives the entire
body both on and off road effortlessly. In 2018 records had it that it made soaring sales, being atop seller in its sphere. The wheels also assist the engine to complete and make for a seamless movement on all paths. Another beautiful thing about the Toyota Tacoma is it’s unique low lamps just below the indicator lamps, during the night it gives brighter illumination just as needed.The windscreen is situated right high up for clearer vision. It can be gotten in different colors too.

2. Chevrolet Colorado:

This Chevrolet truck is a fire rider, its ability to contain heavy weight on
any kind of road come rain or shine is mind-blowing. The truck thrives with a V8 engine and moves faster than most trucks with it’s compact abilities.

3. GMC Sierra 1500:

Asides the fact that only the looks of this truck would blow you away, it has
the ability to speed drive giving luxury at the same time. It also has silver lined holds just below the doors to make getting into it easier. The rims are extra strong, form a stronger bond with the tyres and make driving smoother.

4. Chevrolet Silverado 1500:

This truck is another power packed V8 engine ready to hit the road anytime, any day and in any weather at all. This model is refined all the time to give it even a nicer and more comfortable look and feeling respectively. Drivers are advised to be well alert while driving the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 to prevent them from falling fast asleep. It’s one of the coziest trucks ever.

5. Toyota Tundra:

This truck is mostly called the miracle ‘walker’. It has the ability to ride on any
kind of surface, most times, truck drivers use its tyres as woodcutters. It crushes some woods as it goes over them, the tyres are out of this world. The bonnet is designed uniquely to allow the flow out of excess gas when the car starts to over-hit in order to stabilize it. In this truck’s 12th model year it won the best-ever-sales for a truck. Research has shown that it is one of its kind, only to be refined and never to be remodeled.

6. GMC Canyon:


GMC models are always up to some beautiful mischief all the time!. Last year records showed that its share in the market was 10 points stronger alongside the Chevrolet Colorado. Also in 2019 it owned Canada’s midsize truck market with its superb features and catchy colors. The climbing aid which the truck possesses is even way larger and provides more security for its users all day long. The back seat glass windows are intentionally
tinted to provide the riders all the privacy they desire and the front seat glass windows are clear enough to enable riders see as clearly as possible in order to prevent accidents.

7. Nissan frontier:


This truck is as old as time and its perseverance is something that should not
be overemphasized because yearly it comes through again and again like never before and it does not go short of serving its purpose effortlessly. For over 15 years its sales have been
seamless and this proves its durability with no doubts left anywhere. The design is comfortable as well, despite the fact that the car is low it has a lifter as well, with extremely strong rims to support the tyres all around.

8. Ram 1500:


One of the best under $15000 trucks is the Ram 1500, this truck is mostly known by ‘the muscular’ because of its capabilities and super strong hemi V8 engine. It can work well under duress and in all weather as well to provide needed services. It is tough and fierce both in appearance and function and can get really more luxurious with its higher models. The windshields are designed so thickly that breakage is hardly possible and the wipers are really super fast to give the driver clear visions in just nanoseconds.

9. Honda Ridgeline:
image: wikipedia

Alongside the Nissan Frontier this truck was greatly sold due to its inward and outward strengths and features. It has had great and consistent recommendations over the


It is easy to find trucks for sale but it’s an entirely different treat to find good trucks that’d serve its owner comfortably and for a long period of time. These listed under $15000 trucks would make your dreams come through and the most amazing part is that this will happen with less that $1500!. Good-luck buying stunning trucks out there.



Truck mounted cranes are one of the most beautiful machinery in the world because of the amazing jobs they do, this is a non-debatable fact. Without the mobile cranes we all would have an extremely hard time transferring goods from one place to another. However, in self-propelling motions, with swift movements and within a twinkle of an eye the crane gets that work done for us.


Here are some mind-blowing cranes you probably haven’t heard about or seen;

Deck Crane:

The Deck Crane is not used on land, it’s on ships alongside boats. When there is
no unloading equipment available, the deck Crane does the magic, it is wide with two double handles and thick strings just above the handles to aid hold the goods firmly in place.


The Hammerhead is also known as Cantilever. It is designed to look like an inverted ‘L’. This crane is like a fixed-jib that has a horizontal tower situated right above it which helps to support the weight, it goes in racking, lifting and revolving motions. It can weigh over
350 tons, this gives a user an idea of how much load to impose on it to prevent damage.


When you think of skyscrapers, mountains or anything as high as possible then you
think of Tower cranes. They have the same parts, one mounted vertically on a concrete slab, and the other placed horizontally on top of it, it’s mainly used to move materials to high places and in the construction of high buildings. A combination of making objects moving possible. These parts are the mast (the skeleton of the crane), jib ( which has two parts, luffing and fixed for moving cargo up and down then horizontally respectively), counter jib ( which holds the counter weight) ,slewing unit (it sits atop the mast and enables the crane rotate).

Climbing Crane:

Introduced by Enercon and Lagerwey Wind, this crane does the climbing for tower builders and saves them the stress.

Truck Mounted Crane:

This crane is an extremely strong and flexible tool also called truck mounted mobile crane.It is as the name suggests mounted on a truck with heavy wheels to support it adequately in order to effectively move materials. These cranes and a whole lot more are the types of Cranes we have and use to make work easier for everyone. However there are amazing facts about truck mounted cranes you need to know.


Despite the fact that all cranes are durable, the ones mounted on trucks are easy to
use. For example the Side Lifter Cranes. With their parallel parts they hoist containers in
seconds and are already on the trip again to drop and repeat. The stress of having to maneuver different parts to get a cargo lifted isn’t experienced with truck mounted cranes.

Saves time:

Owing to the fact that truck mounted cranes are mostly used for road trips, it saves
everyone time because if it is outside of the road, there are procedures and authorizations to be taken and given respectively in order to allow cranes mounted in some vicinities. The
authorization obtained with truck mounted cranes is nothing compared to a non-truck mounted crane.


A truck mounted crane takes up less space because it’s already attached to the vehicle
both while on a trip and while it’s been used.

Low cost:

Unlike the other types of cranes that require a long time set up, foundation
construction and all which will entail a lot of money, the truck mounted cranes do not cost much. It only takes a few knots here and there to get it fixed in and ready to be used.

Saves time and energy:

Building the foundation of a crane is one thing, building the crane itself is a whole new different thing. It takes months and most times years (depending on the
type of crane) to see to the completion of the building of a crane. The time put in using a truck mounted crane would do more for its users. Asides time, the manpower that will be put into the building and daily checking of the crane can be exhausting. Most times, climate or an error can halt the construction of a crane or ruin it. These worries are not encountered with a truck mounted crane.


This is another interesting fact about the truck mounted cranes. They can be taken
from one environment on site to another or even from one site to another. When a crane is built and situated on a spot it is extremely difficult to multitask with such a crane.
Just as it is said in George Orwell’s Animal Farm that all animals are equal but some are more equal that the others so is the truck mounted cranes. Its advantages sky rocket above the others and most constructors and engineers find them extremely More useful and so are they.


The crane has a lot of interesting facts and most engineers have put in more effort into
mastering the act of its usage. Asides the fact that cranes can move just about anything in this world, another intriguing fact about the crane is in its types. The numerous variations we see each year is only a testament of its importance to humankind.



If you are looking for the right accessories for your trucks, this is the page for you, For a second, think about your truck as your friend, family, lover or pet. What if trucks had feelings, would you treat them the way you do? Leave the tyres and entire body extremely dirty after a hard day’s job, ignore it till the fuel tank goes utterly empty, throw just anything into them haphazardly and so on.


Giving your truck good treats once in a while if all the time does not work for you would
definitely guarantee that it will last longer and serve better. To make these happen, there are really important accessories that need to be handy right in your truck, here are some of them;

1. Flashlights:

Most drivers all the time underestimate the essence of flashlights in a vehicle. This equipment is extremely important especially for night driving, it really can come in handy for checking stuck tyres, Tyre change, exhaust check and you name it. Illumination prevents bad situations from getting worse.

2. Tyre Inflator:

Deflated tyres are one of the most spontaneous things that can happen to you
anytime and anywhere. You could literally just pump it all up,go only a few miles and a sharp object on the road goes “where do you think you’re going, not so far friend!” on you in the middle of nowhere. This is where the tyre Inflator comes in handy for a quick fix.

3. Spare Tyre:

It is one thing to have all the equipment to fix a bad tyre with, it is another thing to
have a spare tyre. If the tyre is extremely bad and an inflation can’t take care of it, the
equipment becomes somewhat useless if there’s no available replacement.

4. Jack:

Besides the big hunk, King Kong and all the superheroes we know, no one has seen a
normal human lift a car effortlessly and fix a tyre while at it. Fixing a flat tyre begins with car lifting and with no jack, car fixing is impossible.

5. Pet Covers:

Most times it’s difficult to leave our cats or dogs at home alone while on a trip. Most
people do this to prevent the pets from messing up the seats and floor of the truck. A pet cover solves this problem like magic, all the driver needs to do is bring the cover out after or during a trip and easily clean it up and everyone’s happy.

6. First Aid Kit:

The importance of a first aid kit in trucks should not be overlooked because it
saves lives all the time in case of emergencies.

7. Hydraulics:

Considering the fact that the braking systems of cars are one of the most important
parts of a vehicle, hydraulics are greatly important too. That pressure it applies to the braking pad which in turn presses onto the axle to prevent the vehicle from moving has saved a lot of drivers from unfortunate circumstances. It should always be present. For extra tips, hydraulics can be used to clean off a minor scratch on the truck’s body in case of little collisions.

8. Ropes:

One never knows when ropes can come in handy while using a truck until cargoes
begin to fall off the truck!. Ropes play a huge role in keeping cargoes properly in place. Most times when loads on a truck are kept in a scattered manner, road authorities have issues with it.

9. Wipes:

On terrible occasions like heavy rain or snowfall, a truck driver might have difficulty in
seeing the road clearly because of the fog covering all the glasses. Wipers in front of the
widescreen will do little or no justice to enable clear vision and this is where the manual wipers come in handy.It could be thick towels or inbuilt wipers for periods such as that.

10. Maps:

When going to an unknown destination, not having a map is as good as not driving the
truck at all, it’ll be like driving in circles. The map navigates the whole trip and makes it easy and relaxing.

11. Camp Tents and Chairs:

Everyone deserves a break at some point and this is where camp tents and chairs become important, the truck makes no adequate room for more than two to seat comfortably so why not take the party outside! During night trips too, tents are better than sleeping in a crooked position inside the truck, to ensure proper rest before the continuation of the trip.
At some point, lack of all these accessories may handicap a driver in an urgent situation and no one would love that surely.


Therefore, getting the right accessories for your trucks is very beautiful, driving a truck is  beautiful and these accessories will make driving it even easier and more fun. Like Sam Levenson said, “don’t watch the clock,do what it does, keep going”. Hence to keep going good, good accessories for your trucks, will always be of great service to you from time to time. Ensure you get them handy.



Do you want to import a car from Dubai? Find routes and documents needed to drive from Dubai to your chosen city. As foreigners, most of us do this by returning goods. If you want to drive, for whatever reason, check the road and the necessary documentation to make sure your feet get to the desired location without any damage.

Required documents

The first step in driving is to cancel the car registration. You must contact the Road and Traffic Administration (RTA) and submit all necessary documents, cancel the registration and obtain an export certificate. Documents required for this include: Passport registration card (first) Passport and Emirates ID (first and duplicate) Passport for issuing the passport of the recipient of the vehicle and the last place of the license.


Please note, if the car is not registered, you will need to take an export test of the vehicle at registered RTA testing centers. They will check the chassis number on the car body against the number on the engine to make sure it matches and will charge for conducting the test. If your car is not registered under your name, but under the name of your company, you must also submit a company commercial license. If the car was purchased through a car loan, you will also need to provide a mortgage waiver letter. This is a letter given to you by the bank after you have settled the outstanding loan amount.

After you cancel the registration of your car

After you have all the necessary documents at hand, visit the RTA and bring the license plates of your car. Hand it over to the competent department and pay any unpaid fines you have on your car. Your car registration will now be canceled and you will receive an Export Certificate. With the export certificate you have the option to get temporary export plates for your car. You can use it to legally drive through the UAE for 15 days, giving you time to complete the rest of the shipping process. The price of a certificate with tables is 90 AED, and without tables 20 AED.


Drop out of your car After canceling your registration, find a freight forwarding agent who will take care of any paperwork and ways to take it out of Dubai customs. Remember that you must pay the freight forwarder and any other custom fees or taxes charged when the vehicle arrives at the destination. So, make sure you know all the policies and charges of the country you will be working on before exporting your car.

There are different shipping companies one can use to export cars from Dubai.
Like aeon shipping company, Shipnest.

Aeon Shipping Company

International Moving Companies and Car Delivery Services in Dubai, UAE International moving companies that are reliable, trustworthy and safe can be hard to find. Choosing a company with proven experience is key and you can rely on our nearly 10 years of work experience. We have an extensive network of international relocation companies that can handle a wide range of delivery services to and from Dubai. We serve in more than 130 countries and have the expertise to handle all aspects of delivery.


We at Aeon shipping strive to provide you with the best experience when it comes to shipping cars or finding the best international moving companies that can clean your shipment at destination. Work experience and customer feedback have allowed us to simplify the process to ensure the highest order service with guaranteed customer satisfaction. Our professional workforce, industry experts, cutting-edge concepts and global delivery coverage combine to provide you with a safe and reliable service. Our port experts around the world have extensive knowledge of the complexities of car transport or the international relocation process.

You will receive professional instructions on taxation, packaging, customs clearance, insurance and more. Free consultations are provided and customers are guided throughout the shipment. We have made car delivery and international moving easier than ever, with reasonable prices and a wide range of services to meet individual needs, be it car shipping, moving household goods, ships and yachts, motorcycle shipping, heavy equipment shipping, oversized cargo shipping, RORO shipping or transportation services.


We offer a number of different resources on our website to reduce the hassle in the delivery process. Simply fill out our questionnaire and receive a free current offer with unbeatable prices. Our professionals will be happy to visit your home anywhere in the UAE and conduct a survey to assess the exact space your cargo needs. Using an international relocation company with experienced professionals ensures timely delivery, safety and security.

Shipnest Shipping Company

Shipnest – Single Point of Contact for International Delivery Welcome to ShipNest, a leading shipping company in front of a transport finder. Our exchange system connects customers and shipping companies from different regions around the world by integrating different parts of the delivery system. Find many shipping companies around the world that operate as car transport, home delivery, ship and boat delivery, motorcycle delivery, heavy cargo delivery, cattle transport, volume and cargo forwarding. Our work eliminates the hassle of finding the best shipping company in your area, paper problems and customs procedures.


The cost of importing cars from Dubai varies, it depends on the location the car is going.

Like if you want to import a car from Dubai to USA
Importing a car from Dubai to the US starts at $2750 with an estimated time of 20-35 days, depending on the make and model of the car, the nearest port of departure in Dubai and whether the US destination is on the East or West Coast.


If you want to import a car from dubai to your country, the above mentioned steps and procedures should be considered and taken.



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